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Waiakea Water Does What No One Else Can

There are plenty of industries experts don’t recommend getting into. Most of the time, those experts just don’t want new people challenging them for their thrones. In the case of the beverage industry, that is one that people should really think about before getting into it.

The beverage industry is filled with thousands of innovative startups that still won’t survive through the end of the year. More goes into getting people to drink something than entrepreneurs realize. If someone wants to survive that industry, they need to set themselves apart immediately or find an underserved niche.

Best case scenario, they come up with a product that fills both those criteria. Even if the product is the best of the best, there’s still a part of the beverage industry people should be wary of getting involved in: bottled water. The bottled water industry is a booming industry and that can be misleading.

It seems like any company can start packaging water and selling it to millions of people all over the world. That is not even close to being realistic, not even in Italy, which is the number one consumer of bottled water in the world.

Bottled water is a $100 billion industry and that’s attracted a lot of big-name corporations. One small company that challenged big water companies is Waiakea Water, based out of Hawaii. Coming from Hawaii immediately placed Waiakea Water on everyone’s radar. There’s something about Hawaii that just makes people feel good about the product.

Waiakea Water is unlike any other bottled company because it’s volcanic water. Their water is filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock, naturally infused with minerals and vitamins, and then spits up out of springs all over Mauna Loa volcano.

That fact makes Waiakea Water the most awesome bottled water. People love having something to talk about, and drinking water that actually comes from a volcano is the greatest discussion piece a person could ask for.


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