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What Types Of Work Are Available At Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a company that offers a “home away from home” for vulnerable adults. They have 20 care homes that are located in West Sussex and Horsham in the United Kingdom. It was founded in March 1998 and is a privately held company. At these homes they use the latest technology to care for people such as sensory rooms, hydrotherapy pools, a specialized gymnasium, and a number of different holistic therapies.

In addition to caring for people in their homes, Sussex Healthcare also offers audiology devices and services to those who are hard of hearing. They are accredited and meet IQIPS standards. These services are offered in their offices which are located in Berkshire, Sussex, and Surrey. They are partners of the National Health Service and so coordinate care with this government agency.

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Sussex Healthcare has a number of option positions in their headquarters, homes, and audiology offices. For example, they are currently hiring health & wellbeing nurses for a number of their locations. This position pays £26,759 to £32,585 per year depending on the applicant’s experience. These homes are also hiring healthcare assistants for their Marie Curie home. This home is for those who have a terminal illness as well as members of their family. The requirement for this position is having an NVQ Level 2 or higher in social and health care.

The Kew Gardens location of Sussex Healthcare is presently hiring for the position of research manager – philanthropy. At Sussex Healthcare they have extensive gardens attached to the homes they operate. Someone in this position works with botanical experts in order to maintain their horticultural displays. Depending on the experience and skills of the applicant this position pays £34,000 to £40,000 per year.

Sussex Healthcare offers training to those who are entry level in the healthcare industry. They have a Training Academy at their headquarters where the new employees receive their training. For those seeking to advance their careers at this company they also offer further training such as apprenticeships to be a nurse or classes in management.

At Sussex Healthcare they also offer a number of benefits to their employees. This includes benefits such as a pension, a free bus ride to and from work, and uniforms. They also subsidize meals, offer paid breaks, and plenty of opportunities for people to advance their careers.

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