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Why Cone Marshall is a Leading Estate Tax and Trust Firm in New Zealand

Estate taxes and trusts are a big deal, but no one knows that better than Cone Marshall Law Firm. This leading, international estate tax and trust firm is located in Auckland and opened their doors in 1999. The two principals of the firm Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone are experts in their own right regarding estate taxes and how they are handled and recorded in New Zealand.

Karen Marshall hasn’t always been a part of the team at Cone Marshall, and she didn’t join and become a partner until 2005. Prior to her life in New Zealand, Marshall worked with a law firm in London doing Commercial Litigation. Her role now at Cone Marshall is to advise on statutory trustee companies as well as to teach on how to manage trusts. The way in which New Zealand accounts for foreign trusts and estate taxes is a great representation of how these should be handled on a regular basis.

Geoffrey Cone, the other Principal at Cone Marshall has been working in the area of estate taxes since 1980, and has been a trusted advisor on international estate and trust planning since that time. The core business of the firm is to help international families establish New Zealand trusts, along with planning for their companies and any partnerships they may have. The global wealth and tax planning advice they give is unprecedented, and they are currently the only firm in New Zealand to work with foreign trusts.

Geoffrey Cone has been recognized as one of the top tax lawyers in the world and noted as one of the best lawyers in New Zealand in an article in May of this year. Cone has also been a top choice when it comes to seeking advice on how to handle taxes with foreign trusts, as oftentimes New Zealand is misconstrued as a tax haven. Cone wrote an article earlier in 2016 in which he explains that New Zealand is anything but a tax haven.

The facts that were given by Cone were solid, and all pointed to the 2002 tax model that was released on a global level. Cone also pointed out that New Zealand was the first country to sign up for this and has no tolerance for any secrecy in the banking industry in the country. This has put New Zealand on the map as one of the best participants of tax laws and the handling of legal infrastructure.

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