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Why Sussex Healthcare Is Still Hiring Caregivers

Caregivers that work in homes for senior adults or those with disabilities are in demand. There is still a shortage of great caregivers, and Sussex Healthcare is still hiring. Support staff is also still in demand, and hiring will still continue for them as well. While these two positions are much needed, it’s often difficult to find the good ones. This is why Sussex Healthcare wants to be sure that they take their time, and hire those who are not only qualified, but the Chief Executive Officer wants to ensure that these individuals are right for the job.

Adults suffering from dementia, and others that have been diagnosed with various neurological disorders will need a lot of care and attention. There are individuals on staff who are hired for developing activities for patients. This includes hands on activities, getting into the gym for light exercise and stretching, as well as hydrotherapy. There are numerous ways that the staff at Sussex Healthcare can help with those who under the care and supervision in these homes.

Since fall of 2017, Sussex Healthcare has been hiring registered nurses, as well as a manager who is able to oversee the entire unit. This is true of all locations, because the work of a registered nurse is to aid in administering of medications, as well as other specific care for the residents. There is a lot of hiring to be done, and there is a lot of training that needs to take place as more hiring is completed.

The residents at Sussex Healthcare are the most important people, because they are the individuals that make these facilities what they are. The patients are the ones that make it possible to provide healthcare and to keep the business running. All those who work as nurses, therapists, support staff, are appreciated and valued within the company. This makes it a great time to apply for employment at Sussex.

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