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July 27, 2016
by Administrator

Guide to Investment Banking

One of the parts of the finance industry that has a significant impact on the overall economy is investment banking. This field entails helping a number of companies raise capital so that they can reach their objectives more easily. With investment banking there are a number of companies that can achieve certain goals such as increasing profits, offering more products, offering more services and also bringing in more investors. As a result investment banking firms will help these companies increase their chances of success and provide a positive impact on the business world. This positive impact will often result in companies staying in business, jobs being retained and also keeping valuable products and services available.

Investment banking consists of a certain process that allows it to be a very effective activity in terms of helping raise capital for clients. The first thing an investment banking firm will do is consult with a company that is looking to either merge with another or acquire one. Then the investment banking firm will gather information such as economic and industry trends and put together a proposal in the form of a pitchbook. They will then present it to the clients and see if they are willing to complete the merger. After the two companies agree the investment banking firm will finalize the deal and then help the newly formed company issue new stock as well as getting in more investors.

Most investment banking firms work with large companies but there are other smaller firms that are more personalized as they work with individuals. One of these types of firms is based in Florida and owned by an individual named Martin Lustgarten. Martin has been involved in the finance and investment banking field for many years and has established himself as a top professional in this field. He works with companies by helping them get the capital they need in order to achieve their current and future objectives. Martin helps them by collaborating with venture capital firms to get his clients the necessary funds.

As well as working with businesses, Martin also works with many individuals. When working with these individuals Martin provides advice and guidance which allows his clients to make the best investment decisions. He often goes over finance trends and investment options to find the best ones available. Once he finds the best investment options available he will then recommend them to his clients. As a result of his expertise, Martin has helped many of his clients realize their financial and life dreams.

Twitter: @mlustgarten2

Tumblr: https://martinlustgarten.tumblr.com/

July 26, 2016
by Administrator

Fabletics: A Widely Known Success Story

The Awesomeness That Is Fabletics
Since the start of the athleisure company Fabletics, they have had great success in finding a large customer base. There company has always been unique- they offer their clothing in the form of a subscription, where you receive an outfit each and every month. The excitement of receiving new clothes at a fixed cost had many people buzzing about Fabletics. It’s no surprise that they took off in what felt like no time- well, the success has continued to grow immensely and they have taken the steps to expand how people can view their clothing. In addition to their site, Fabletics, you can now visit stores throughout the United States. No more guessing- you can feel the materials yourself, and try on the clothing to find your best style.

Read more: Fabletics aims to stretch its online reach with more stores

Expanding The Empire
Just last year, they added the stores with the hopes of boosting their online subscription service sales. And they did just that! Many people would try on what they thought they might like and then go through the site to save money by subscribing! Since this has been such a success, they plan on adding several more Fabletics stores throughout the country, included one at Mall of America. Their success has grown immensely and continues to keep rising, thanks to many fans of athleisure clothing. Fabletics is all set to have made two hundred and fifty million by the end of 2016, which proves that the athleisure trend is only beginning.

The Uniqueness of Fabletics
Fabletics will send you the clothes that you love at a reasonable rate, charged to your account each month. No other athleisure company offers a service as convenient and monetarily comparable as Fabletics. Fabletics have exclusive items designed by their team, and the very famous Kate Hudson is their co-creator and spokesmodel. It’s no surprise that Fabletics has taken off so quickly and remains strong, with room for even more expansion. The journey has only begun, and Fabletics is a company that will stay popular for many years to come, thanks to it’s unique approach on building a wardrobe.

Learn more about Fabletics: http://www.racked.com/2016/2/15/10995348/fabletics-stores-kate-hudson

July 21, 2016
by Administrator

Securus Technologies’ Decision to Expose Global Tel. Link for its Untruthful Undertakings.

Securus Technologies is highly reliable technology firm that primarily provides services to civil and criminal justice institutions in the United States. The solutions that the company offers are used by about 1.2 million inmates that are in 3450 correctional facilities, which are located in North America. The company’s operations are run from its headquarters that are based in Dallas, Texas. The services that Securus Technologies provides include informing the public, management of information, inspecting products, response to emergencies, self-service for inmates, incident management, communication, investigation, and biometric analysis.

Securus recently made a public announcement that it will be release information, discoveries, evidence and publications that will reveal several delinquencies that Global Tel Link (GTL) did in the past. GTL is a communication solutions provider that also serves correctional facilities. The company participated in fraudulent activities in the past that might ruin the reputation of the industry. Securus Technology’s CEO, Richard Smith, believes that the organizations serving the inmate communication sector should make the services that they offer to their clients a priority. The objectives of the industry are vital than the profits. Securus has a plan of releasing the information that it has to the press as a way of shaming the GTL.

The first article that Securus will release a confirmed approved Order Number U-20784-B, which will be 17 pages long and is a publication of the Public Service Commission of Louisiana. The editorial will give all the fraudulent undertakings that GTL conducted when it was serving the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The Louisiana PSC released a report which showed that the telephone clock that GTL provided to the Louisiana owned correctional facilities were programmed to have record 15 to 36 seconds more on every call. The billing made by the company was also inflated by making the clients pay double and by increasing the call rates.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

July 13, 2016
by Administrator

How To Handle People Trying To Ruin The Reputation Of Your Business

It is difficult, to say the least, to not react and attack when people come at you and try to rip your reputation to pieces. You have worked hard to build your clientele, build a reputation and prove yourself, your clients like what you do, they trust you and tell everyone they know how good your business is so when someone comes along and tries to endanger that, you feel so angry. Here are some ways from the website-searchcleanup.com on the best way to clean up any negative news online.

1) Do not think that just by sitting by and doing nothing that the problem will go away, you do, however, need to be careful in how you handle things. Do not retaliate or let your emotions get the best of you, fighting back is the wrong way to handle things and it looks immature and unprofessional. Instead, let who you are and the job that you do speak for yourself and continue to do the best job at your business as you can. Let your actions and the job that you do show the people trying to ruin your reputation who and what you are made of and how great your business is.

2) Make sure that your customers know that business will go on, that everything will be just as great as it always has been. Let them know that your business is not going anywhere or changing because of the negativity from others. Let them know that you are working harder than ever to bring the same or better service than ever before. Don’t let the negativity get the best of you, you’ve worked to hard to get where you are at.

3) Offer something extra to your customers, that can be specials, a sale, extra services for free, or any number of things you want to do. Give your customers the very best customer service, go out of your way to make your customers happy, and give the very best value for their money that you can offer. This helps to take the focus away from the negativity and put emphasis on the great business you have and the great services or products you offer. Make it worth their while to be your customer and to continue to use your business.

4) There is nothing wrong with talking to friends or family members about what is going on, they can give you support to get you through what is going on with your business. Other people might also be able to see things about the situation that you don’t, they can give you an outsider’s perspective on the situation and listen to you release your thoughts and feelings so you can better handle the situation.

5) Remember what your purpose was for starting your business and what you wanted to accomplish in the beginning. Use this to keep focused on your purpose and to not let you get discouraged, stay as motivated as you were when you first started your business. Don’t let stress or pressure get the best of you, stay calm and in control. Keep doing what you have been doing for your business to be successful.

For more information or to see other articles that will be of interest as a business owner and entrepreneur, visit: searchcleanup.com.

June 28, 2016
by Administrator

Igor Cornelsen: From Brazil To The US

Igor Cornelsen was once one of most noteworthy investment banker of all of Brazil. He has also assisted in controlling a huge percentage of Brazil’s entire gross economy. He reportedly has previously been employed in numerous high-powered positions in more than one of the South American country’s banks.

Igor Cornelsen managed some of the largest financial institutions in the world. He is praised by some people in the know as a champion of the investment game. (You can almost picture him with a money-green cape complete with a golden dollar sign on it.)

Numerous online sources indicate he is an expert when it comes to investing in the stock market as well commodities and foreign exchange. It is generally believed that this specialized knowledge is a result of his many years of experience working in the fields of banking and investment. In fact, he has reportedly aided several significant investors in scoring successful and profitable long term investments.

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Igor Cornelsen – Tripod

Igor Cornelsen | The Superior Investment Advisor

Anyone who likes money knows there are two sides to every coin. Cornelsen knows this better than most. He is said to have also steered a number of people away from investing in damaged companies and turn their eyes towards weakened stocks.

He directed people’s financial actions towards stocks that can be purchased cheaply and yet are pretty much guaranteed to eventually make money. He was once the proprietor of Bainbridge Investments Inc. He was in part responsible for their reputation as an expert investment firm.

Cornelsen officially retired in 2010. He now resides in South Florida. While his main hobby is playing golf on some of the world’s best golf courses, don’t be fooled.

He still invests as a hobby. In fact, truth to tell, the man is only semi-retired. He still takes a gig working as a financial consultant or investment advisor from time to time especially whenever the stock market is overly volatile.

Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:



June 13, 2016
by Administrator

SEC Whistleblowers program protects employees from employer retaliation

Who protects the whistleblower when that individual decides security violations have been made and it’s time to tell someone? Labaton Sucharow is one such firm that exclusively protects and advocates for whistleblowers.

Labaton Sucharow’s leading team of market-securities litigation and representation practice consists of expert financial analysts, forensic accountants and investigators with federal and state law enforcement experience to provide representation for all those honest workers who have to end up blowing the whistle.

How do whistleblowers get protected? Because of the Dodd-Frank Act, a program was established proving employment protections for Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblowers. Labaton Sucharow is dedicated exclusively to protecting the rights of SEC whistleblowers. The Dodd-Frank Act prohibited employers retaliation against whistleblowers who report to the SEC. If represented by an attorney, whistleblowers may report possible securities violations anonymously. What the Dodd-Frank Act did was the largest U.S. financial regulation overhaul since the Great Depression.

Labatan Sucharow is a firm led by Jordan A. Thomas, who played a leader in the development of the “Whistleblower Program” and implemented rules and proposed legislation for the program. Thomas was a former assistant director and assistant chief litigation counsel in the Division of Enforcement at the SEC.

So, what were the rules of the whisteblower program?

The SEC Whistleblower attorneys can be contacted by telephone, email or electronic submission through the website. Case evaluations and initial consultations are free. It is strongly encouraged that whistleblowers provide the personal information on identification and names of the possible security violators.

With credibility, experience and expertise, Labaton Sucharow law firm is the right firm for whistleblowers who need a strong partner and skilled advocate. For almost 50 years, Labaton Sucharow has prosecuted high profile and high stakes securities fraud.

The rules state that the SEC is to pay whistleblowers up to 30% of monetary sanctions when a SEC enforcement action(s) exceeds $1 million. Additional awards are available for whistleblowers whether money is collected in related actions or brought forth by another law enforcement organization.

Labatan Sucharow has a compelling track record and they have recovered billions of dollars and prompted sweeping reforms in corporate governance ensuring the financial marketplace works with greater accountability, fairness, and transparency.

June 2, 2016
by Administrator

Brad Reifler Offers A Better Way To Invest To The Middle-class Americans

Brad Reifler has spearheaded Forefront Capital Management brilliantly for over a decade. However, his most recent change could make his company a leader in the investment world. The new plans for Forefront are to offer a hedge fund for the non-accredited investors. This strategy could ultimately alter the way people invest in the stock market. Certified investors are the Wall Street scions who have an income of over $250,000 a year and are over one million dollars in net worth.

According to Brad Reifler, these are the types of investors who routinely put their money into the multi-billion-dollar hedge funds to take advantage of the massive returns. However, the average investors are not allowed to invest in these kinds of funds and hence does not get as much returns as the certified investors. An important point to note is that average Americans do not make that much money in several years. However, the income trust Brad Reifler has created is meant to change all that.

Brad Reifler has already done the necessary plans to ensure that Forefront Capital’s customer service remain high for the new investors. The team working at Forefront will be responsible for assistance to all investor questions and will make sure the customers feel comfortable with their investment. Brad’s plan is to set up an income trust fund with small investments. The fund is not structured like other large funds on Wall Street. The fund is meant to provide dividends for the non-certified investors who have spent a small amount of money on their portfolio.

With this strategy, Brad intends to turn the investment game upside down using the new income trust. The motive is to enable the small investors to get an investment opportunity with a small amount of investment. The income trust fund targets the middle-class Americans to invest like the wealthy neighbors. Also, Brad Reifler will offer an investment advice to the investors regularly.

June 1, 2016
by Administrator

Shaygan Kheradpir Provides Much Needed Leadership At Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir was recently named the new CEO of Coriant. He brings over two decades of global telecommunications experience to the table, having worked at a number of telecom and technology corporations.

Keradpir says he has no intentions of changing anything. It is his goal to expand what Coriant already has to offer and focus on market-driven solutions. The company’s products are used in over 100 countries. Through Kheradpir’s leadership the company is primed to expand to many more.

The growing demand for data intensive software makes Keradpir’s experience invaluable. “I am about helping the client meet there goals. No challenge is too big for our company,” says Keradpir.

Born in Iraq and raised in England, Kheradpir was born to succeed. His physician father always taught him the value of education. After attending Cornell University and receiving a bachelor’s master’s and doctorate in electrical engineering, he accepted a job at GTE Laboratories. After serving five years as a routing manager, he worked his way up through the company and became CEO.

Kheradpir also has also worked for Barclay’s Verizon and Juniper Networks. He was successful in helping design the company’s mobile pingit system. He continue to come up with a number of cost-saving innovations for other companies.

Kheradpir serves on a number of boards including the Engineering Council at his Alma mater Cornell University. He also holds several industry patents. Kheradpir is a dynamic speaker and is a staple on the telecommunications circuit.

His tremendous contributions prove that he is the right man for the job with Coriant, says outgoing corian CEO Pat Dipietro.

Read more: http://www.lightwaveonline.com/articles/2015/09/shaygan-kheradpir-new-coriant-chairman-and-ceo.html

May 27, 2016
by Administrator

Kyle Bass Is A Market Manipulator

The word “Kyle” refers to a long, straight line; think of it as Irish for “aisle”, but referring to a straight trench for water, or something of the like. “Bass” can either mean “basso”, “fish”, or “low, humble”. Basically, the name “Kyle Bass” means “low water trench”. One could liken it to “sewer”. but that seems a little over-reaching. What isn’t overreaching is that Bass uses underhanded, “base” techniques to accomplish his financial successes. Things like selling out a previous employer in order to manipulate the stock market directly, which Bass did in 2008 when he ceased being employed with one of the top five banking institutions on Wall Street, and quickly thereafter gave a tip to a journalist who broke the information on a national news outlet, resulting in the collapse and buy-out of that same bank by the end of the week. Additionally, Bass has invented an organization called CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, to hoodwink the sick into believing a pseudo-humanitarian campaign actually has their best interests in mind, then use the public’s sympathy for them to decimate drug prices among big-ticket pharmaceuticals, forcing the pharmaceuticals to downsize and cut expenses like Research and Development. When stock drops subsequently, Bass short-sells his holdings and makes away with millions.

But that kind of “base” activity is to be expected of a man who regularly praises the economic failings of socialist despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who has set a historically negative curve by defaulting Argentina two times in the space of just thirteen years. With all these things in mind, when recently at the Milken Institute Global Conference held in Beverly Hills, Bass said “common sense” was a reason not to invest in China, suspicions were aroused. The question became, and still is: what are Bass’ aims in restricting Chinese investments? What’s his angle? How’s he trying to manipulate the market this time? Is he trying to reverse-psychology financiers into buying, or is he trying to scare them away because a collapse really is imminent? Kyle Bass has cried wolf, then looted houses when the townsfolk came to investigate. There may be an actual wolf in China today, but with Bass, how can one know for sure?

May 19, 2016
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How Does Goettl Air Conditioning Help New Workers In Phoenix?

Goettl Air Conditioning is helping veterans in Phoenix who are getting their start in the AC or HVAC industries. The company is run by Ken Goodrich, and he is trying to help as many people as he can with the scholarships and the awards that he gives. The award that he is being lauded for most recently is the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award.

That award recently gave $1000 in tools to a Navy veteran who just graduated from HVAC school. The veteran was able to get to work right away on his new career, and he was able to start changing his life in real ways because now he already have the tools that he needs. Ken Goodrich knows that those tools are going to go a long way, and now people can start working independently or go to a company with their own tools in hand.The other award that Ken Goodrich gives is one for people who are working in the family business. He has been in the family business for a long time, and he wants to help other people keep the legacy alive. There is a lot of AC work that needs to be done in Phoenix, and it is important that every person who is pursuing the career their family is in has the chance to get a scholarship.

Goettl Air Conditioning is going to help people stay cool in the Phoenix area, and it is also doing the most work to give back to the community. There are a lot of people who are going to apply for these awards whether they are veterans or legacies, and they will all help make Phoenix cooler. Goettl Air Conditioning is making the Phoenix area a much better place for veterans and legacy workers to ply their trade.

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