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October 22, 2016
by Administrator

How Norka Martinez Luque is Inspiring the World?

Just like many other inspirational singers, the Venezuelan artist, Norka Martinez Luque was also born in an ordinary family that had no showbiz background. However, unlike most others, Norka was special because she not only wants to sing, but she wants to sing for others. Her primary objective in life is to spread the message of love and hope to millions of people who lost faith in miracles of life.

In her early years, the family of Norka acknowledged her talents when they decided to enroll her in music classes. These classes required Norka to spend a considerable time of her childhood in learning arts as diverse as voice practice classes, piano, ballet and flamenco. During these sessions, Norka realized that she was born to help others. As such, she started to sing with the sole objective of inspiring others to revive hope in miracles. Actually, she wanted to spread the message of love and hope to individuals who have lost faith on recovery and healing.

To pursue better opportunities, Norka and her family moved to France. While in France, Norka completed her professional academic degrees studying marketing, fashion and culinary arts. Whatever time she could spare from her studies, she devoted it to singing. Joining a local musical band, she sang in numerous public places. Consistent exposure to music enabled her to get attention from the famed artist, Emilio Estefan Jr. Emilio, who was himself inspired by the enthusiasm of Norka to spread love and hope. Accordingly, he worked with other industry professionals to craft an instant hit that would give Norka the chance to spread her message.

The result of such endeavor is the hit song, MILAGRO, which also includes composition from several well-known music composers including Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo, among others. Working with El Cata, Norka’s new song has inspired million of people around the world. In fact, it is one of the favorite debut songs in the Latin Music Billboards.

For Norka, there is nothing better than experiencing the thrill of achieving what she always desired. According to her wishes, the song is an inspiration for others who see it as a hope for reviving their own lives. Interestingly, Norka suggested that artists have a responsibility to pass positive messages to our fans using our abilities to touch lives. She also suggested that musical and societal evolution should go hand-in-hand to improve our society.

More about Norka Music: http://www.norkamusic.com/

October 22, 2016
by Administrator

Tapping Into The Millennial Market Can Be A Challenge But The CEO Of Magnises Figured It Out

Millennials are the largest generation on inc.com, and there is something different about the way they think. They have an incredible outlook on life, and they have a less tradition view of life stages. Millennials have a sense of self that goes beyond normal, so tapping into the Millennial market isn’t easy unless you are a Millennial. The traditional life markers like getting married, starting a family and buying a home don’t motivate Millennials. The baby boomers held those markers near and dear, but Millennials are interested in other things. What those things are, varies from one Millennial to another. “The selfie generation” wants to experience life in a different way. Some experts say the Great Recession played a part in molding the buying habits of Millennials, and that certainly is one element in the equation. But the main reason Millennials have different buying habits is they were raised in a world of unending choices. Millennials have always had a lot of options. One Millennial entrepreneur knows how to bundle some of those options in a unique way. That entrepreneur is Billy McFarland, the 25-year-old founder of Magnises.

Magnises is a modern version of an elite club that offers members a chance to buy goods and services using a personalized black card. The Magnises black card can be linked to a credit or debit card, so for $250 Millennials can enjoy a night on the town in New York or Washington, D.C. in a trendy new club or restaurant that knows how to cater to Millennials. The young, hip and elite crowd in New York can also book amazing vacations or private concerts as well as rent a desk in the workspace Alley for $99 a month. Nonmembers of Magnises would pay $500 a month for the same desk at Alley. And the perks don’t stop there. Magnises members can book a room at any Dream Hotel in New York for $79 a night. That’s more than a 50 percent discount in the city that never sleeps.

More than 12,000 Millennials have joined Magnises since its launch in March 2014. McFarland plans to expand the Magnises experience to other cities like London, Los Angles, Chicago, Boston, and Atlanta. The word is spreading, and so are the deals that Magnises offers its members on indeed.com. There are more than 76 million Millennials in the United States, and McFarland plans to tap into the Millennials that work in the fashion, tech, and finance industries in cities across the country and the ocean.

McFarland has a deep understanding of the Millennial market because he gives his members what he expects. Magnises gives members the freedom they need to pick and choose how to use their personalized black Magnises card. Mr. McFarland knows that passion, diversity, and diversity, as well as discovery, are important to Millennials. Magnises finds ways to amplify the Millennial reality as well as keep them informed. Sharing information trumps marketing in the world of Millennials, and McFarland is all about sharing pertinent information.

October 21, 2016
by Administrator

Squaw Valley Was Voted The Best Ski Resort in the United States According to CEO Andy Wirth

It’s snowing in Lake Tahoe and it’s only October. That has to be good news for the Ski Resorts in Lake Tahoe that attracts thousands of skiers during the ski season. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been a favorite of skiers since the 1960s. That’s when Squaw Valley hosted the Winter Olympic Games. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has gone through several major changes over the years. When the Cushing family brought Andy Wirth in to manage the resort, most avid skiers knew who he was. Wirth made a name for himself when he was in charge of marketing for the Steamboat Springs Ski Resort. Andy spent 20 years at that resort, and he went to school at Colorado State, so leaving that state was a big move for him. But Wirth likes challenges and remodeling the Squaw Valley resort was a big challenge.

Wirth completed the project a few years ago, and it was successful. The remodeling attracted more skiers even though snowfall was less that optimal over the last five years. Wirth has managed to turn Squaw Valley into the best ski resort in the United States in 2016, according to a USA Today poll. Squaw Valley is a great place for beginners. The experts like it because there are so many chutes, trails, and bowls to explore. But Wirth is still not finished making Squaw Valley the best. Wirth recently proposed a major redevelopment project that would add more hotel rooms and a new indoor water park to the resort. The initial plans were approved, and the final approval should come soon.

When Wirth is not focused on Squaw Valley, he is actively cultivating business for the Lake Tahoe-Reno area as the Chairman of the Board of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. Wirth has been a board member for some time, but he was recently appointed Chairman. Andy is an actively involved in several local nonprofit organizations. When he’s not working, he’s running, skiing or training for an Ironman competition. Wirth is a world-class athlete, and he has a reputation for being a competent and compassionate manager.

More at: https://www.kcrw.com/people/andy-wirth

October 19, 2016
by Administrator

John Goullet’s Contribution toward the Success of DIVERSANT LLC

John Goullet began his career as a computer technician before his way up as an IT staffing executive in 1994. With extensive expertise in observing market trends in the IT industry, Goullet found Info Technologies in 1994 to provide customized services to Fortune 500 companies across the US. As Info Technologies chief operating officer, John concentrated on understanding the corporate IT industry as well as specific needs of clients. As such, he could leverage his personality, expertise, and work style in the IT service industry to provide customized IT staffing services and solutions that not only meets, but exceeds customer expectations.

Under Goullet’s helm, Info Technologies grew to a globally recognized organization, featuring twice on Magazine’s Inc. 500 most promising startups in the United States. Barely five years in operation, Mr. Goullet propelled the growth of Info Technology to a value of $30 million. Before founding Info Technologies, Goullet worked as a computer consultant at Computer Sciences Corporation between 1981 and 1983. Later, he left for Bridgewater as an IT staffing executive between 1986 and 1987. He attended Ursinus College to pursue a degree in Information Technology. Driven by the passion for his profession, Mr. Goullet endeavors to resolve diverse, complex challenges experienced in the ever-growing IT industry.

About Diversant LLC

Headed by John Goullet, DIVERSANT LLC is the US’ most valuable African-American held IT staffing company. DIVESANT LLC leverages its expertise and dedicated personnel in providing tailored solutions to address specific client’s needs. Since its inception, DIVERSANT has had drastic growth even during economic downturn. Today, DIVERSANT ranks among the most reputable Fortune 500 companies across the US. DIVERSANT LLC was formed after the merger of Gene Waddy’s Diversant Inc, and Goullet’s Info Technologies merged in 2010. After the merger, John Goullet was appointed as the principal of the newly formed DIVERSANT LLC. As the chief of DIVERSANT, Goullet extends his passion for developing new solutions to various challenges encountered in the IT sector.

As part of its strategy to increase efficiency, DIVERSANT constituted an Advisory Board to advise the management regarding strategic planning. Comprising of industry leaders and business experts, DIVERSANT’s Advisory Board meets the company’s top executives regularly to review performance and market trends.

October 19, 2016
by Administrator

Video Chat App Owned by Talk Fusion Scoops a Prestigious Award

In a public statement to its clients, Talk Fusion announced that its Video Chat had received yet another award from the integrated media heavyweight, Technology Marketing Corporation. The highly celebrated Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award targets cutting-edge products and services, which facilitate video, voice and data communications. These products must have been introduced into the market or substantially modify within the past twelve months.

Rich Tehrani’s declarations

In a press statement, Rich Tehrani (CEO of TMC) congratulated the recipient of the prestigious products of the year accolade. He said that the honorees were examples of the ideal products and solutions present in the market in 2016.

How Fusion’s Video Chat operates

Video Chat uses the power of WebRTC technology to enable users to speak in a face-to-face fashion with anybody, anywhere, and on diverse devices ranging from desktop, smartphone, to tablet. Users can visit the Google play or iTunes stores to download the app. The 2016 product of year award is the second award that Talk Fusion has scooped in a row. The firm has proved its desire to develop innovative and award-winning solutions. For instance, the company is planning to launch a comprehensive Video Marketing Solution.

An international powerhouse in fully integrated video marketing products and solutions, Talk Fusion focuses on helping businesses to prosper and improve lives through its proprietary, groundbreaking video technology. Independent Associates stationed in over 140 nations have the responsibility of marketing Talk Fusions products. They employ a person-to-person marketing model. Bob Reina established the firm in 2007, and he is the current CEO. The company is recognized globally for developing and launching the first Instant Pay Compensation Plan.

Being a member of the highly respected Direct Selling Association (DSA), Talk Fusion engages in sound business practices. The firm promotes a strong commitment to offering philanthropic support to the family, close friends, communities, as well as animal foundations around the world. Its main aim is to create a tangible impact on the lives of individuals and the community as a whole. Its primary offerings range from groundbreaking video communication solutions & products, unmatched customer service, video email, and live meetings. Originally published on PRNewswire: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-video-chat-wins-2016-communications-solutions-product-of-the-year-award-300315095.html?tc=eml_cleartime

More on Talk Fusion:



October 18, 2016
by Administrator

Why Cone Marshall is a Leading Estate Tax and Trust Firm in New Zealand

Estate taxes and trusts are a big deal, but no one knows that better than Cone Marshall Law Firm. This leading, international estate tax and trust firm is located in Auckland and opened their doors in 1999. The two principals of the firm Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone are experts in their own right regarding estate taxes and how they are handled and recorded in New Zealand.

Karen Marshall hasn’t always been a part of the team at Cone Marshall, and she didn’t join and become a partner until 2005. Prior to her life in New Zealand, Marshall worked with a law firm in London doing Commercial Litigation. Her role now at Cone Marshall is to advise on statutory trustee companies as well as to teach on how to manage trusts. The way in which New Zealand accounts for foreign trusts and estate taxes is a great representation of how these should be handled on a regular basis.

Geoffrey Cone, the other Principal at Cone Marshall has been working in the area of estate taxes since 1980, and has been a trusted advisor on international estate and trust planning since that time. The core business of the firm is to help international families establish New Zealand trusts, along with planning for their companies and any partnerships they may have. The global wealth and tax planning advice they give is unprecedented, and they are currently the only firm in New Zealand to work with foreign trusts.

Geoffrey Cone has been recognized as one of the top tax lawyers in the world and noted as one of the best lawyers in New Zealand in an article in May of this year. Cone has also been a top choice when it comes to seeking advice on how to handle taxes with foreign trusts, as oftentimes New Zealand is misconstrued as a tax haven. Cone wrote an article earlier in 2016 in which he explains that New Zealand is anything but a tax haven.

The facts that were given by Cone were solid, and all pointed to the 2002 tax model that was released on a global level. Cone also pointed out that New Zealand was the first country to sign up for this and has no tolerance for any secrecy in the banking industry in the country. This has put New Zealand on the map as one of the best participants of tax laws and the handling of legal infrastructure.

October 13, 2016
by Administrator

For Only A Couple Thousand, Non-Accredited Investors Can Invest With Brad Reifler’s Company


While many successful investment bankers are happy to service the wealthy 1% of their clientele, some are starting to have a change of heart about including middle class Americans into their company. One such person is Brad Reifler, the founder of Forefront Capital. Reifler has had some life-changing experiences that have caused him to rethink how he runs his firm, and he had something to say about the latest box office hit movie, “Money Monster.” Reifler explained how the story in this movie actually was pretty true to life for investors left to the mercy of the stock market, and brokers who profit whether or not they’re given good or bad advice. Reifler is calling for an end to this and now is allowing non-accredited investors into Forefront Capital.


For much of his early career, Brad Reifler serviced mostly wealthy clients. He started up Reifler Trading Company, a discretionary account and global derivatives portfolio company, and this company became the largest privately-owned futures trading company of its time. Some years later he founded Pali Capital, a hedge fund company that used a unique approach to how funds were traded. And after selling off his first two companies, Brad Reifler founded Forefront capital, a diversified investment company that focused on private equities and alternative investments.


Forefront Capital was the hub for many wealthy clients, but Brad Reifler wanted to open the doors to non-accredited investors because some time earlier, he had tried to setup an investment for college for his daughters. But Reifler found that the funds had not grown when it was time to for them to mature.  All of which is detailed in Yahoo Finance’s great article Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital Want to Diversify Your Portfolio. He would learn that better management would have yielded bigger returns. Also, he wanted to invest his father’s life savings in a good account for retirement, but found that since his father wasn’t accredited his choices were limited. So Reifler decided to setup a low cost alternative fund for anyone interested. It allowed non-accredited investors to invest as little as $2,500 in it and that money would be invested in better funds. Reifler is working with the SEC and other governing bodies to make the playing field more level.  But Brad is also a well known financial advisor, and provides free advice on Investing.com pretty frequently.

September 29, 2016
by Administrator

Flavio Maluf Believes That The Brexit Vote May Help Brazil


This Summer, the British people rocked the international community when they voted to leave the European Union. This “Brexit” vote came after months of vigorous campaigning and people throughout the world were left wondering what the future would hold. Both Britain and Europe are major players in international affairs and within the world economy. Brazil is a huge part of the South American economy and many within Brazil wondered if Brexit would have an impact on their economy.


Flavio Maluf is a highly influential business leader within Brazil. He is the president of Eucatex, and has lead the amazing company for thirty years. He is an amazing lawyer, entrepreneur, and a mechanical engineer. He was happy to speak to Exame about the Brexit vote. Flavio believes that the Brexit vote could open up new opportunities for Brazil.


Before the Brexit vote, Brazil’s economic policy was heavily tied to the European Union. All trade agreements were negotiated by the European Union and countries were not able to negotiate their own agreements. Now that Great Britain is leaving the European Union, they will be able to negotiate their own trade agreements.


Maluf believes that a bilateral trade agreement between Britain and Brazil could be beneficial to the Brazilian community. This agreement could change the type of products Brazil can import and the cost of importing those products.


Flavio Maluf also sees an opportunity for Brazil when it comes to working with the European Union. Britain leaving the European Union will change the nature of trade. It is possible that European countries will reevaluate their trading partners. They may start trading with Brazil more. During the Brexit transition, it is vital for the British government and British businesses to work closely with their European partners. Flavio believes that this transition is a key time for the Brazilian economy, and he hopes his business rises to prominence during this time.


Flavio Maluf is always looking for a way to grow his business, and he follows international affairs for the ideal opportunity. Flavio believes that his company may grow considerably during the Brexit fallout and he looks forward to the opportunity.

September 22, 2016
by Administrator

Gooee Smart Lighting: The Future of Home Comfort

Think of those days you get home tired, slump right on the couch and remember the light switch is miles away. What if you knew that all this could go away if you only invest in Gooee Smart Lighting systems?

We are already in an era where our home lighting systems can be controlled and manipulated, all you have to do is plug into this technology. Gooee Smart Lighting is a company that does nothing but supply the smartest of light setups fit for your home or even business. They automate your home by linking all light bulbs, and electronic setups, to work by the flick of a remote button.

You can now control each of your home bulbs individually, decide which sections you want to be lit at any given time and even determine the light intensity emitted. Through a user-friendly network interface, you can tell your lights when to come on and when to go off. There are two types of smart lighting setups, the sensor operated and the non-sensor operated.

The sensor lights switch on when they sense a human presence or the change from day to night. The sensors collect data from the environment, send it to the smart network which returns as signal instructions that modify each light bulb in the house. For the non-sensor light systems, you just key in the commands you want on the program interface and the automated network takes it from there.

Smart lighting systems are the future of home comfort, and you should tap into the technology already. Gooee smart lighting can set up your first automated home for you.

September 21, 2016
by Administrator

Keith Mann Does Not Like Bullying and Cruelty

Among the things that Keith Mann does not like is bullying and cruelty. This is something that he holds dearly to his heart. One thing that he truly shows that he is working towards is a humane life for people. He is someone who is filled with compassion towards everyone including animals and children. This is one of the reasons that he is working as an activist. This helps him stand up for the animals. It has cost him a lot in the process. However, activism often comes with sacrifice in order to get the message across. Keith Mann has made a lot of sacrifices for animals.

Keith Mann himself was faced with bullying and cruelty when he talked with people that are okay with violence. He has seen the low side of humanity with people that are willing to get what they want even if they have to use excessive violence. Among the forms of opposition that Keith Mann is facing is the outlawing of peaceful protests. However, Keith Mann has shown a lot of wisdom in how he is moving forward in his life. He shows wisdom in his business and his relationships. Among the choices that he has been wise about is the type of people that he associates with.

One thing that Keith Mann would advise activists and others that are fighting to support a cause is to focus their attention. This is particularly important when it comes to acts of cruelty. Among the activities that people are going to be involved in is finding ways to over come acts of cruelty. Keith does admit that being around people who have a small care for animals is rather challenging. However, he does have the support of other liberators in the movement which has encouraged him to move forward.