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March 31, 2017
by Administrator

Securus Technologies Versus GTL’s Technology Systems

Presently, a big number of people has been able to enjoy Securus Technologies services over GTL’s Technology Systems. Securus Technologies offers spearheading criminal justice and edge civil technology solutions that enhances safety in public in addition to modernizing the incarceration experiences. Different public safety, corrections and law enforcement agencies depend on Securus for simple, secure and powerful innovation solutions that are simple to use and always accessible. With scores of engineers and hundreds of patents, designers, thinkers innovating solutions and designers, the Securus Technologies is one of its kind. The company is dedicated to be the leading in offering high-tech software solutions. Its services and products are of top-notch quality hence equipping clients with the best solutions in addition to their best customer care services in the market.

Securus Technologies is devoted to serve and link people by offering incident management, emergency responses, inmate self-service, information management, communication, verification, investigation, public information and evaluating of services and products while making the world a secure place to stay. The services entail connecting friends and families to their incarcerated ones, linking correctional facility personnel to essential information, linking inmates to innovation, linking investigative lead dots, and linking responders & emergency dispatchers to those seeking need.

The headquarter facilities of Securus Technologies is Dallas, Texas with the organization serving over 3,400 law enforcement, public safety and corrections brokers not living behind more than 1.2 million prisoners within North America. Securus Technologies is thus a spearheading supplier of civil & criminal justice innovation solutions for investigation, safety, corrections and monitoring. It has currently given tough competition to its key competitor GTL concerning the firm which offers the best and wide set of product, the most sophisticated platforms for telephone calling or modern high tech technologies. The issues also revolved about the costly and efficient platform, associated metrics and the most appropriate customer service.


March 20, 2017
by Administrator

The King of Lip Balm Therapy: Chapstick or Evolution of Smooth

To simply state it first, these are two of the top selling lip balms in current time. Each product brings different things to the table, but only one can take a seat on the thrown. Chapstick is that brand that everybody is aware of or has used. It’s been around for close to a century and it has dominated the oral care industry for many years. On the other hand, Evolution of Smooth is the newcomer and it has ben steadily climbing the ranks for close to 8 years and it offers many solutions than the average oral care product. After years and years of Chapstick’s reign, it is no longer the best lip balm on the market. It provides temporary relief of chapped sore lips, but it’s chemical formula has too many drawbacks and this is where Evolution of Smooth comes into the frame.

Evolution of Smooth is the total package especially when it comes to healing the lips. This just isn’t temporary relief, but more so longer lasting relief that provides a host of natural healers. EOS’s ingredients gives you more moisture and it locks the moisture in thanks to it’s organic genetics. The products are paraben-free, gluten-free, and are petrolatum-free. You won’t that in too many other lip balms if any. On top of that, EOS lip balm takes it a step further and loads the formula up with an abundance of organic healing herbs.

Being the best selling lip balm brand doesn’t happen by chance, but more so by strategy. EOS has a great marketing campaign presence especially online. Its demographics are the under 35 crowd and it uses it’s prominent social media presence to lure you in. This is marketing at its finest and it’s oral care at its best. EOS is the king of lip balms on all levels. EOS products are available on Walmart and target stores nationwide.




February 28, 2017
by Administrator

The Future With Jason Hope

Jason Hope is looking toward the future. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things by Jesse Boskoff does a great job defining and expanding on Hope and his ideas.

The article explains the Internet of Things as connecting technology that allows various devices to sync with each other. The world will be connected from all devices. Some advantages of the Internet of Things would be the smart technology and the elimination of waste. Smart technology would allow for better transportation monitoring and connections in daily lives. Waste elimination would come from less pollution and less automobile accidents. The Internet of Things if the future and Jason Hope sees it.

Jason Hope attended Arizona State University, got his degree in finance and his MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope gives back to organizations such as the SENS foundation. He believes their anti aging improvements are creating long healthy lives and giving people a better quality of living. Hope provided 500 thousand dollars in funding to the SENS foundation to support the research laboratory at Cambridge.

Hope also supports local education in his home state of Arizona. Having had such a positive educational experience in the public school system he continues to support them today. Hope made a donation to the Teach for America’s Phoenix chapter in 2015. The program benefits recruitment, training, and support for Phoenix teachers. He also visits classrooms through the organization. He is giving back to the community, supporting the institutions that brought him up.

Jason Hope is the future. He not only sees the future with the Internet of Things bringing the world together but in supporting education and the SENS foundation today.

February 25, 2017
by Administrator

Legal Expert and Educator Sujit Choudhry

There are a number of subjects in the legal field that provide individuals an in depth knowledge of the legal system. One of the most important but often overlooked aspects of the legal field is comparative law. This is the branch of law that deals with studying and comparing the legal systems of multiple nations. With comparative law, a number of individuals will be in position to learn how a particular nation’s legal system works and how it compares to that of other nations. Studying this branch of law will enable a number of people to gain valuable knowledge. Law students and educators will have the opportunity to learn more about the legal systems of various nations in order to enhance their knowledge. Comparative law also helps a number of government entities and businesses learn about legal systems to help with international trade and business transactions.  Have a peep on this related site.

While there are a number of experts of comparative law, one of the most notable is Sujit Choudhry. He has been studying comparative law for many years which has allowed him to accumulate a vast amount of knowledge on the subject. This knowledge has allowed Sujit to provide valuable information to a number of students, legal educators and also foreign leaders. At the very beginning of his career, Sujit would work for the head of Canada’s Supreme Court. When he held this position he would get first hand knowledge on how a particular nation’s legal system works. This would allow Sujit to get an in depth perspective on a nation’s legal system. After holding this position for a number of years, Choudhry would then become an educator in the legal field. He would become a professor and then an assistant dean at the law school of the University of Toronto.  Click on wikipedia.com to learn more about Choudhry.

Choudhry would move on to continue his legal career in the United States. When arriving in the United States, Sujit would look to continue his career path as an educator. His opportunity came when he was hired by the University of California Berkeley School of Law. At this university, Sujit would become a professor where he would continue to provide instruction on constitutional law to the students. During his tenure at the law school, Sujit Choudhry would eventually become the dean of the law school. This would allow him to become the top leader of the program and help set up an improved curriculum. Not only did he assume a leadership role at the law school, he would also become the first Indian American dean at the law school as well. Sujit would continue studying comparative law and would use his enhanced knowledge to help a number of foreign leaders. He helped draft a new constitution for a number of nations such as Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia.

Check on crunchbase.com to know him better.

February 24, 2017
by Administrator

Philanthropy in Starting Businesses With Vijay Eswaran

There are a lot of successful people who take the time to make donations to different foundations. They also take part in other acts of philanthropy. There are a lot of reasons behind their acts of philanthropy. Many people have a heart for those that are not so fortunate to have a successful business, a home, or even a consistent source of food. Philanthropists work to provide this. They do this in many different ways. Among the methods they use include buying food for the struggling, and even going to certain places in order to make their donations so that people can know where to go.

It is one thing to be a successful businessman who takes part in acts of philanthropy. To build a business that is based on acts of philanthropy takes it to an even greater level. Vijay Eswaran has done just that with QI Group. He has made sure that he has a business that is geared to the people. When it comes to what his business does, he thinks about the people first and then looks at the products and services he can offer them. This has resulted in a wide range of acts of kindness which is meant to ease the suffering of individuals and give them direction on what they can do in order to overcome their circumstances.

Watched Vijay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVMpT9r-GRw

Vijay is willing to help all types of struggling people. He especially has a heart for those that are at a disadvantage and yet are doing everything they can in order to improve their lives. He has set up programs and opportunities for women entrepreneurs in order to take part in the direct selling opportunities. This is one of the greatest achievements he has done with his company QI Group and other branches within the company.

February 14, 2017
by Administrator

David Gierzt; An Exemplary Financial Advisor

Owing to 3 decades of experience in financial institutions, David Gierzt has risen in ranks and has been rated as one of the few five-star financial advisors. Dave, as he is commonly known, is currently based in Dublin, Ohio.


Through 2004 to 2013, David Giertz has been in the managerial position of the distribution and sales department of Nationwide Life Insurance Company.

David Giertz excelled in four financial advisor certification exams, and he is currently the president of Nationwide Investment Services. David has also been recently registered as a broker with FINRA, which serves as a regulatory body for brokers in the financial industry.

David Gierzt Interview

David began by explaining why financial advisors on Facebook are not engaging their clients in matters social security despite the fact that it is highly beneficial to them. He stated that results of a survey conducted by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute indicated that people who are already retired, and those who were almost retiring, are getting no information on social security.

David further continued to reveal that another survey showed that every four out of five people in this group would opt to change to advisors who will educate them on social security. He encouraged that once one understands and gains confidence of the extensive rules on the social security handbook, the complex topic will be easy to approach.

As a financial advisor, David Gierzt reiterated the importance of social security education to his fellow advisers on Finra. A majority of individuals in retirement are misinformed and end up taking social security too early in life. Dave pointed out that a survey showed that this resulted in losing out on up to USD300,000 over 25 years.

David Gierzt concluded by saying that it is integral for a financial advisor to provide social media information to their clients, not only for retention purposes but also so that the client may fully optimize their retirement income.

Learn more about David Giertz at http://www.wsj.com/video/speak-to-your-clients-about-social-security/8B2F5FA4-B0E8-4D71-A1E3-D29AA2711CC5.html

February 8, 2017
by Administrator

Troy McQuagge Gets Recognized by the One Planet Awards

Just the other day, Troy McQuagge was named as the Gold winner chief executive officer of the year by the prestigious one planet awards. This is an award that recognizes and honors professional and business people in all industries across the entire globe. Any organization from any country is eligible to submit their nominations. This means that the public and private sectors can submit their applications. Also, the award does not discriminate whether it’s a profits or a nonprofit organization. The size does not also matter. The nominations even honor new start-ups.


Troy McQuagge has been with USHEALTH since the year 2010 and has since been focused on making sure that the company achieves its goals and obligations. He started by rebuilding the USHEALTH Advisors, which happens to be USHEALTH captive distribution agency. His success with the distribution agency meant that he was promoted to the chief executive and chairman of the company four years ago. Since his appointment, USHEALTH has known unprecedented success as well as profitability and growth. This is considering the competition that exists in the insurance industry. When acknowledging the award, Troy McQuagge said that it as an honor and a privilege to be recognized by the prestigious one award. He dedicated the award to all people connected to the USHEALTH. He said that the award is a sign that the company was on its way to achieving its target and objectives.


Troy McQuagge said that USHEALTH would continue its commitment to offering the best and most affordable healthcare in the United States. The One Planet Award is divided into several categories that include executive teams, corporate communications as well as organizations. The award has other categories that include that of teams, services, and new products. The USHEALTH Group insurance operates from Ft. Worth Texas and is an insurance holding company. The company specializes in offering health coverage to different groups of people that include small business owners and self-employed people. The company achieves this through the use of highly qualified employees and making use of the best technology in the market.


Troy McQuagge has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years. During these years, he has been described as dynamic and self-driven and has been involved in turnarounds, startups and even high growth companies. He has also mastered the art of solving multiple complex issues in the insurance industry. He has world class communication skills and can make tough decisions.


He has also worked with other companies such as the HealthMarket where he was the president of the marketing group. The award that he won included two parts namely the CEO of the year and the company of the year. Troy McQuagge graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Legal Studies.

February 8, 2017
by Administrator

Dick DeVos Now Has A Number To Place On His Charitable Donations

Dick DeVos has now done something that many people have known him not to do over the years. He’s now released a number on the amount that he and his wife Betsy have given to charities over the years. The business-minded couple has spurred local businesses through their investments at their company, The Windquest Group. They’ve given back to their community through charitable foundations including their own, and the beneficiaries have included primarily private and charter schools, but also public schools, universities, and civic centers such as libraries, museums and public services have also received contributions. It’s now been estimated that Dick and Betsy have given around $139 million in their lifetime to these groups.


Dick DeVos’s business resume began at his family company, Amway Corporation. This company was started nearly 60 years ago by his father, Richard DeVos and Dick and his two brothers Daniel and Douglas as well as his sister Cheri have all at one time served at Amway. Amway has not only manufactured and sold products, they’ve allowed them to be resold through independent business owners as part of their multilevel marketing model. Dick DeVos has helped this company grow both as vice president and later CEO, including opening operational headquarters in the Asian, European and Pacific markets. At The Windquest Group, Dick and Betsy have acquired controlling shares in many companies, including a recent addition of Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, MI.


Dick and Betsy are also grassroots activists when it comes to their philanthropy. They’ve worked hard to bring change to Michigan’s education system through supporting private and charter schools and advocating for school of choice. They’ve also setup scholarship programs through funds such as Children First America and Education Freedom Fund. They also took it a step further in 2010 when they opened a charter school at the Gerald R. Ford Airport known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Betsy DeVos was even recently selected by now President Donald Trump to be Secretary of Education.


Dick is also the honorary recipient of the Spectrum Health Foundation’s Art of Giving award which he received for his generosity to local children’s hospitals. He also helped spur development and growth in downtown Grand Rapids through his Grand Action Committee. He ran in the governor’s race of 2006 falling short of election to incumbent Jennifer Granholm. But in 2012 he helped lead an effort to pass a right-to-work law against heavy union leader opposition. In his spare time he likes to fly planes or race in sailing races across Lake Michigan.


January 25, 2017
by Administrator

Danilo Diaz Granados And His Action Packed Event

Danilo Diaz Granados, the joint founder of Toys for Boys recently treated elite guests in Miami with a special event. The event held in Miami featured an array of activities. That includes helicopter rides, fine cuisine, as well as exclusive previews. The guests had a sunset boat ride, bottles of Don Perignon, and spent time at the race track. Regularly, Danilo has held such events since creating Toys for Boys.

While developing the concept of the event, Danilo wanted to offer the guests an outstanding experience. Today, Men in Miami have a place where they can check out and seek the unique products and places. The guests that attended the event were hand selected. They had the privilege of previewing a residential building in the Biscayne area. The property is under construction in an upscale area of Miami. It is one of the highly anticipated residential structures.

Danilo noted that each event is meant to provide the attendees the chance to connect with Miami’s best in terms of art, cuisine, and entertainment. Danilo and his guests late flew to Palm Beach Race Track. Each member had a feel of driving on the race track. Following their return via helicopter, Dom Perignon champagne awaited them. Dom Perignon hosted their lunch at the River Yacht Club. A Dusk boat ride brought the one in a life time experience event to a close.

His event was successful with great support from Van Dutch as well as Technomar. Additionally, One Thousand Museum and Gryphon Racing also sponsored the event. Danilo and his business partners collaborated with premier companies as well as organizations to orchestrate the amazing event.

About Danilo Diaz Granados

Danilo Diaz Granados is a renowned entrepreneur and investment advisor. He works out of Miami, Florida. Danilo started his career in the investment industry after graduating from Babson College. He has an entrepreneurship and economics degree.

Additionally, Danilo is an FCP associate. He works with the organization’s equity investments program. Danilo headed research on how global issues impact on equity investments like energy efficiency, hedge funds, as well as innovative startups. As an entrepreneur, Danilo controls his businesses Toys for Boys and Edge of Glory Films.

January 20, 2017
by Administrator

Vijay Eswaran Built QI Group Into One Of Asia’s Largest Multilevel Marketing Businesses

Vijay Eswaran has been in the direct selling industry for over 20 years and built a company that’s not only generated millions in revenue, but has given back to local Asian communities. Eswaran’s company, QI Group manages several subsidiaries including QNet, an ecommerce outlet that sells items ranging from jewelry products and watches, to personal beauty products, and even electronics and auto repair tools. QI Group also manages several high end properties with luxury hotels and vacation resorts, and also offers loans through its QI Asset Management company. Eswaran started the philanthropic wing of this company, RHYTHM Foundation to support local schools, hospitals and libraries and to help those who have children with disabilities.

Vijay Eswaran took a long journey to the day that he founded QI Group. He is the son of a teacher, and a worker in the Malaysian Ministry of Labor department on weforum.org. His parents were able to send him to school at some prestigious higher learning institutions, including the London School of Economics. But even after graduating from there, Eswaran struggled to find work right away, so he spent about a year harvesting grapes and driving a cab. He eventually was able to go to grad school, completing his certification at London’s CIMA, and then going to Southern Illinois University in the US to get his MBA. Vijay Eswaran worked for several tech companies including IBM and Synaptics, but then decided to return to Malaysia where he became involved with the Cosway Group.

Read more: Dato’ Vijay Eswaran speaks about ‘finding your purpose’

Eswaran met Joseph Bismarck while working with the Cosway Group, and became interested in the multilevel marketing business model on qbuzz.qnet.net. In 1998, he and Bismarck spun their own company out of this group and it became QI Group. Eswaran helped establish regional offices in Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, but he’s also expanded the company into many other countries across Asia, the Middle East and even Africa. He has spoken at many business forums and universities, and is even the author of several books dealing with business leadership and spirituality. He’s been featured in Forbes Asia both in their Heroes of Philanthropy, and 50 Richest people list. See: http://philanthropies.org/vijay-eswaran-2/