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February 23, 2018
by Administrator

Available Employment Opportunities At The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) provides the kind of cancer treatment care that is impactful for patients. The organization knows how to extend the life of patients and they also know how to eliminate this disease when the opportunity arises. While there is no cure for cancer, oncologists know the steps to take remove cancer cells from a person’s body. This is why capable workers are needed to work within one of the five different CTCA locations.

The job opportunities that are available for CTCA hospitals are in abundance. There are plenty of work opportunities for qualified individuals. Cancer Treatment Centers of America constantly require highly skilled and highly knowledgeable workers for a variety of positions. Let’s check out what the CTCA has to offer.

The CTCA hospital in Goodyear, Arizona needs many different types of staff and support workers. There is a Manager of Business Services position available for hire. People who are interested in this position are in charge of financial counseling for patients, manage registration and they educate CTCA stakeholders about the financial health of the company. Any person that wants to work this position will be required to have a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree and they will also need a background in collections, registration and insurance.

The Goodyear branch also needs a Patient Care Technician 1. This individual will be required to provide patient care and assisting with routine hospital tasks. They are responsible for taking vital signs and for helping patients to have a comfortable stay. An interested applicant will need at least 2 years of experience within this type of position and they will need a CNA license.

There are other opportunities for CTCA hospitals. A Communications Specialist is needed for the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania branch. CTCA also needs a Patient Advocate in Zion, Illinois. They also need a Sr. Administrative Assistant in the Boca Raton, Florida location. Applicants will be considered for each position based off experience and credentials.

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February 19, 2018
by Administrator

Jeff Yastine: Why Investors Should be Thinking about Regtech Technology

It is common for governments to introduce regulations to businesses in the modern times. Although no investor wants to go through this, it happens now and then, and it has a lot of impact to companies. Government regulations are brought for so many reasons. Jeff Yastine, a finance executive, says that these laws are brought for better governance and many other benefits to the society. Jeff believes that all investors should be ready to take on these challenges when they arise in a new business.

When the new laws are brought to investments, there are great consequences. People who have been in the market for a long time such as Jeff Yastine understands that dealing with these issues can leave the business with financial burdens that were not there from the start. However, these companies must continue to thrive and operate in the harsh time, and this means that the companies need to understand how to deal with them.

Having numerous expenses is never good for any business. When the expenditure is only going up, the company investors expect nothing but losses at the end of the day. For investors who are dealing with new regulations, things can get extremely tough. Some of these people will sell their shares so that they can avoid the losses that are bound to take place. Jeff Yastine, however, has a solution to the problem that many people are facing at the modern times. Read this article at stockgumshoe.com to know more about Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is a reliable finance executive. Yastine is based in the United States, and he specializes in stocks and government policies. At the moment, the financial executive is working as a top editor at a company that is called Banyan Hill Publishing. The institution specializes in financial matters, and it has some of the most respected editors in the United States. Getting to this point has never been an easy task for Jeff Yastine. While growing up, he vowed to undertake a career in investments, and he has been successful. His career foundation was laid when he was studying at one of the most respected universities in the United States. His passion for helping Americans has been instrumental in his career.

Jeff Yastine has been advocating for the popular Regtech technology to the people who want to minimize their expenses and make more profits when companies have new regulations. According to Jeff, the technology is affordable and effective to all modern investors. It is also easy to install in the company systems. Watch:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxGq5uBBGEA





February 15, 2018
by Administrator

Tony Petrello Directing Nabors Industries To Help During Hurricane Harvey

Being a good corporate citizen is becoming important to residents. People want to feel like they are investing in companies and business owners who understand the importance of caring for the communities they serve. This is clearly seen during the wake of a community disaster. Those living in Houston and surrounding areas were just hit with a horrible hurricane that was named Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

The streets were like rivers and property was destroyed. People in these communities really needed help, and a number of companies and business owners stepped up to help. It is a given that some churches and the Houston Food Bank took it upon themselves to help, but there were many other organizations worth noting, such as Nabors Industries. This company has always stood out in Houston, which some credit Tony Petrello for who is the company’s Chief Executive Officer. It is common to see the company’s employees improving themselves at their in-house fitness center or talking amongst each other at the company’s barbecue pit. These perks show how much Tony Petrello wants employees to care for one another.

It is common to see Tony Petrello’s company at neighborhood community projects and fundraising events. People in these communities have gotten used to Nabors Industries helping out one way or another, so it was more than expected to see them take action during the Hurricane Harvey aftermath. The company allowed employees to take off work to help their communities. The employees got paid leave in order to provide help to their communities. Most of the company’s employees were sent to work the Gulf Coast where their help was sorely needed. Tony Petrello also help jumpstart the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund, which raised thousands to help with the community’s reconstruction and relief efforts.

Some of the people who were affected by this hurricane were able to eat three times a day with the help of the Nabors Industries. The company gave those who needed food three meals per day using their on-site kitchen. Petrello’s company was cooking large volumes of food, and the people were very grateful. Many of the employees who were helping out were affected directly or indirectly by the hurricane. This disaster hit home, and Petrello knew this. No one had to bring this up to Petrello’s attention nor to anyone working at this company because helping is almost second nature to the people working at Nabors Industries. Those who have paid attention to this business are likely proud of all the good they do.

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February 12, 2018
by Administrator

Say Hello To Aloha Construction

When you or someone you know in the Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area are looking for a contractor you can trust, say hello to Aloha Construction. When you need help with roofing, siding and gutters, Aloha knows what to do. They are the leaders in storm damage repair. They care about you and your family and the reason is simple, they are family owned. Sure, they are insured and bonded and proud to offer assistance, but, they are still a small, family owned business who is proud of their ethics and business model. Aloha Construction wants to offer you a free property inspection and answer any questions that you have. They know that projects like roofing can be costly so, they offer financing too.

Can you imagine? Roofers who can finance. Let’s face it, often when the damage of a storm shows it’s ugly face on your home, your insurance company offers little to no help. The damage can be seen down on main street but the insurance company may seem to overlook it or not want to take the steps to fix it. So, as a result, if you can’t get the insurance company to cover the project or can only get a portion covered, this financing may come in handy. Aloha Construction has partnered with Synchrony Financial to secure the money you need to get the damaged repaired quickly.

Aloha Construction doesn’t just offer roofing, they can also install, repair or replace your home’s siding. Let’s face it, trying to do this on your own can be a daunting process at best. If it is done correctly by a professional it can actually increase the value of your property in the case you ever need to get it appraised. Another thing great siding does is make your home more energy efficient in some cases and make it look great.

When you engage the services of Aloha Construction you can rest assured that you are going to get a highly qualified skilled contractor. All of the staff go through training and follow the company ethics. This means you can rest assured that you are getting the most value for your money and a reliable contractor to do your repairs.

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February 10, 2018
by Administrator

Shervin Pishevar And Exciting Technology

Shervin Pishevar was the managing director and co-founder of a company that’s called Sherpa Ventures. He’s a seasoned angel investor, venture capitalist and entrepreneur all at the same time. Sherpa Ventures is a venture capital company that’s located in San Francisco, California. This professional had a fulfilling career before establishing Sherpa Ventures. He used to work for Menlo Ventures as its diligent and attentive managing director. The businessman was a big part of the Menlo Talent Fund, a seed fund that had a value of a cool $20 million. Shervin Pishevar set up and ran a number of technology businesses not long after beginning working. Examples of these businesses are HyperOffice, Social Gaming Network and even Webs.com. He’s been part of businesses that have gathered amazing user numbers.

The United States Government gave this executive the notable distinction of “Outstanding American by Choice.” He’s on Comscore’s advisory board at the moment, too. He’s even a proud part of the Global Entrepreneurs Council of the United Nations. This council has a total of 10 participants.

Shervin Pishevar attended and completed his education at the University of California, Berkeley, a prominent state institution. He’s equipped with an interdisciplinary studies bachelor’s degree. He has conducted a significant degree of research throughout the years, too. His work appears has appeared in JAMA or the “Journal of the American Medical Association.” He’s been on the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board since 2015. People can get substantial insight from Pishevar. People link him to advanced technological concepts of all kinds. They link him to incubations, startup organizations and more as well.

Shervin Pishevar in the past was part of Maryland’s Montgomery County Board of Education. He functioned as the board’s Vice President Pro Tempore for some time. He did a lot for it as well. He supervised a sizable United States educational system that consisted of more than 120,000 students in total. It had more than 15,000 instructors as well. The educational system’s yearly budget exceeded $1 billion. Pishevar was born in Tehran, Iran back in 1974. His parents were named Eshrat and Abraham Pishevar.

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February 7, 2018
by Administrator

What Types Of Work Are Available At Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a company that offers a “home away from home” for vulnerable adults. They have 20 care homes that are located in West Sussex and Horsham in the United Kingdom. It was founded in March 1998 and is a privately held company. At these homes they use the latest technology to care for people such as sensory rooms, hydrotherapy pools, a specialized gymnasium, and a number of different holistic therapies.

In addition to caring for people in their homes, Sussex Healthcare also offers audiology devices and services to those who are hard of hearing. They are accredited and meet IQIPS standards. These services are offered in their offices which are located in Berkshire, Sussex, and Surrey. They are partners of the National Health Service and so coordinate care with this government agency.

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Sussex Healthcare has a number of option positions in their headquarters, homes, and audiology offices. For example, they are currently hiring health & wellbeing nurses for a number of their locations. This position pays £26,759 to £32,585 per year depending on the applicant’s experience. These homes are also hiring healthcare assistants for their Marie Curie home. This home is for those who have a terminal illness as well as members of their family. The requirement for this position is having an NVQ Level 2 or higher in social and health care.

The Kew Gardens location of Sussex Healthcare is presently hiring for the position of research manager – philanthropy. At Sussex Healthcare they have extensive gardens attached to the homes they operate. Someone in this position works with botanical experts in order to maintain their horticultural displays. Depending on the experience and skills of the applicant this position pays £34,000 to £40,000 per year.

Sussex Healthcare offers training to those who are entry level in the healthcare industry. They have a Training Academy at their headquarters where the new employees receive their training. For those seeking to advance their careers at this company they also offer further training such as apprenticeships to be a nurse or classes in management.

At Sussex Healthcare they also offer a number of benefits to their employees. This includes benefits such as a pension, a free bus ride to and from work, and uniforms. They also subsidize meals, offer paid breaks, and plenty of opportunities for people to advance their careers.

February 4, 2018
by Administrator

George Soros And His Open Society Foundations

It was recently announced by New York Times that billionaire George Soros has donated $18 billion dollars to the philanthropic Open Society Foundations. This donation had been occurring over the past several years. Soros is a Hungarian born businessman and philanthropist. His higher education consists of a bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics and a Master’s degree in philosophy.

Soros initially struggled to find work after graduating and for a time he worked as traveling salesman. He was finally hired by a merchant bank, Singer, and Friedlander, in 1954. He was encouraged by a co-worker to apply to the New York-based banker F.M. Mayer. He was hired and moved to New York City in 1956. Specializing in European stock, Soros worked for F.M. Mayer until 1959, at which time he transferred to Wertheim & Co., this time analyzing securities in Europe.

In 1963 Soros moved to Arnhold and S Bleichroeder, and he became vice president. It was at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder that Soros created the Double Eagle hedge fund and Soros Fund Management. The Double Eagle hedge fund was worth $12 million by 1973, $8 million more than the initial investment of $4 million. Also in 1973 Soros left Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, becoming fulltime chairman of Soros Fund Management.

It was around this time that George Soros began to become active in the political realm. Throughout the 1970’s he funded anti-communist dissidents throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Some notable recipients of Soros’s funding include Czechoslovakia’s Charter 77, the Solidarity movement in Poland, and Andrei Sakharov in the Soviet Union. Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, Soros played a role in helping nations peacefully remove communist governments and install democratic ones.

In 1984 Soros founded the Open Society Institute in Budapest, which would grow to become the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations operate globally, spreading peace and educating the masses. The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, run in Zimbabwe by Godfrey Kenyenze, is a force for bringing about regime change throughout South Africa, promoting democratic governments instead of dictatorships.

Soros has also donated $50 million to the Millennium Promise, which operates throughout the entire continent of Africa. The Millennium Promise seeks to end extreme poverty by providing education, agricultural skills and advanced medical care to some of the poorest people on the planet. Soros’s recent donation of $18 billion will continue to fund these efforts and efforts like them.

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January 28, 2018
by Administrator

Market America Is Moving Forward

For people that are looking for a company that is moving forward, they will want to deal with Market America. Market America is a company that is a product brokerage firm offering great prices and products to the people. Since they are innovative, and they have the latest technologies, they can make sure that they are able to offer the very best for the people that they deal with.

When a person wants to shop with Market America, they go through Shop.com. They will be able to find all kinds of cosmetics, home and garden and personal care items, as well as a lot more. Since this is a convenient way for them to shop, they will be able to do this at any time that is convenient for them. Since they will be buying online, they will be able to shop from the convenience of their home. This will allow them to do so at any time of the day or night that they need to. Many people love shopping like this because they can do so around their other responsibilities. This is the way people like to be able to shop because they are so busy with other things that they need to do.

This company was founded in 1992, and they are doing very well. Their headquarters is in NC, and they have locations all over the globe. Some of them include: Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong and the UK. Since they are all over the globe, more and more people are dealing with them. The future looks well for them, and it looks like they will be bringing even more customers on board to experience what they have to offer.

When people want to shop and find what they need, they will be able to do so with Market America. Market America knows what the people want, and they have the prices that will want them to shop with them.

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January 27, 2018
by Administrator

Jeff Yastine Looks Towards The Future, And He Sees Regtech

Regulations. They serve to keep businesses safe, and consumers safer, but unfortunately, that protection comes with quite a bit of overhead. With costs to ensure compliance becoming a major burden for businesses of every type, something needs to change, and according to Jeff Yastine, regulatory technology may be the answer. Yastine has been the editorial director for Total Wealth Insider since 2015 but has been interacting with the financial sector for over 20 years. As an investor, writer, and reporter, he has been at the center of many worldwide financial events.

Regtech; A Bubble, or the Future?

Regulatory technology, commonly called “regtech,” is a relatively new contender, on the cutting edge of both business and technology. The stated goal of the majority of regtech enterprises is that of reducing compliance costs via sophisticated blockchain-based software. With aid from artificial intelligence systems, it may be something worthwhile for investors to look at.

However, the cutting-edge nature of regtech means that the sector is split between roughly 100 smaller, decentralized enterprises. Very few of the names in the field are recognizable, with businesses such as OnRule or Taxometry trying to make waves in the early days of the field. Currently, the primary users of this technology are banks and insurance companies, but it’s projected that the vast majority of heavily regulated businesses will be using them in the near future. Unfortunately, with the sheer number of regtech providers out there, investors may find it a challenge to figure out which ones are the cream of the crop, and which will fall flat. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Jess Yastine

Why Regtech Is Making Waves

The simple answer is money. With regulations forcing larger financial institutions to cough up massive amounts of cash for compliance, and regtech firms offering that service for a thirty, or even forty times lower cost, it’s no surprise that they’re so eager to hop onto regtech.

But business isn’t the only field in which regtech has made a splash. Recently, government agencies have begun research on regtech companies, and have even opened communication with a number of them. With considerations on integrating regtech specialists into the process of creating and implementing regulations, regtech seems poised to play a significant part in the coming years.

A Sound Investment in Regtech

With officials from America, Britain, and Singapore making proposals to cooperate with regtech companies, and suggestions for allowing these firms to register as banks in the US, the future of regtech is looking more assured than ever. While every regtech company won’t make it big, this is an industry that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.   Visit:https://stocktwits.com/jeffyastine


January 27, 2018
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A Female-Empowering Approach To Dating:How Herd Heard What Women Wanted And Gave Them A Dating App That Puts Them In The Driving Seat

With more female CEOs flexing their female muscle across the globe, it’s certain the current millennium will be recalled as one where business-wise women obtained and held onto an ever-increasing amount of the economical pie. One woman that epitomizes this truth is Whitney Herd, formerly Wolfe, an SMU alumnae, cited by Forbes as the billion dollar dating app queen, also seen posing with grace and a knowing smile on the cover of Forbe’s 30 under 30, December 2017 cover, dedicated to innovators in respective fields. Herd is the sole founder of the female-empowering dating app, Bumble.

Though her rise in the dating app world began as co-founder and marketing vice president of the massively popular ‘Tinder,’ Herd elected to create her own dating option, within the super-saturated world of dating apps, confident her woman-centric modus operandi would afford her an edge. Herd’s site, which gives women the first move option, has already amassed the site twenty million plus subscribers, half those of it’s closest competitor, Herd’s former stomping ground, Tinder.

Andrey Andreev, founder of the multi-million dollar, International dating network, Badoo, is a Herd admirer, one with the foresight to realize his resources allied with Herd’s marketing savvy and women-friendly approach could constitute winning team, fortunately. Herd’s female-centric app touched a nerve with women, many skittish, or burned, or just tired of waiting to be asked by men. They appreciated the Sadie Hawkins, ‘women in The driver seat’ allure of being in charge of the data that could lead to a date, rather than the other way around. The site took off, garnering a hundred thousand downloads in the first month alone.

The site continues to evolve in ways specifically geared to woman-culture, an example being Bumble BFF; a feature giving users a way to use matching criteria already in place to discover potential BFFs. Another feature, Bumble Bizz takes the ‘woman holding the reins’ approach to the business world, according women networking opportunities, where the first move is theirs to make.

Herd recently married long-time love interest and restauranteur, Michael Herd, who she met at a skiing lodge in 2013, in a ceremony that took place in Italy. Business-wise, Herd’s Bumble isn’t bumbling, rather the company’s future looks to be as sunny as the sunflower colored roof of the company’s new Austin,Texas headquarters. Annual growth rates are projected to be three times as fast as the formerly ubiquitous Tinder. And Herd’s already fended of takeover bids from dating behemoths, like Match.

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