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February 14, 2017
by Administrator

David Gierzt; An Exemplary Financial Advisor

Owing to 3 decades of experience in financial institutions, David Gierzt has risen in ranks and has been rated as one of the few five-star financial advisors. Dave, as he is commonly known, is currently based in Dublin, Ohio.


Through 2004 to 2013, David Giertz has been in the managerial position of the distribution and sales department of Nationwide Life Insurance Company.

David Giertz excelled in four financial advisor certification exams, and he is currently the president of Nationwide Investment Services. David has also been recently registered as a broker with FINRA, which serves as a regulatory body for brokers in the financial industry.

David Gierzt Interview

David began by explaining why financial advisors on Facebook are not engaging their clients in matters social security despite the fact that it is highly beneficial to them. He stated that results of a survey conducted by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute indicated that people who are already retired, and those who were almost retiring, are getting no information on social security.

David further continued to reveal that another survey showed that every four out of five people in this group would opt to change to advisors who will educate them on social security. He encouraged that once one understands and gains confidence of the extensive rules on the social security handbook, the complex topic will be easy to approach.

As a financial advisor, David Gierzt reiterated the importance of social security education to his fellow advisers on Finra. A majority of individuals in retirement are misinformed and end up taking social security too early in life. Dave pointed out that a survey showed that this resulted in losing out on up to USD300,000 over 25 years.

David Gierzt concluded by saying that it is integral for a financial advisor to provide social media information to their clients, not only for retention purposes but also so that the client may fully optimize their retirement income.

Learn more about David Giertz at http://www.wsj.com/video/speak-to-your-clients-about-social-security/8B2F5FA4-B0E8-4D71-A1E3-D29AA2711CC5.html

February 8, 2017
by Administrator

Troy McQuagge Gets Recognized by the One Planet Awards

Just the other day, Troy McQuagge was named as the Gold winner chief executive officer of the year by the prestigious one planet awards. This is an award that recognizes and honors professional and business people in all industries across the entire globe. Any organization from any country is eligible to submit their nominations. This means that the public and private sectors can submit their applications. Also, the award does not discriminate whether it’s a profits or a nonprofit organization. The size does not also matter. The nominations even honor new start-ups.


Troy McQuagge has been with USHEALTH since the year 2010 and has since been focused on making sure that the company achieves its goals and obligations. He started by rebuilding the USHEALTH Advisors, which happens to be USHEALTH captive distribution agency. His success with the distribution agency meant that he was promoted to the chief executive and chairman of the company four years ago. Since his appointment, USHEALTH has known unprecedented success as well as profitability and growth. This is considering the competition that exists in the insurance industry. When acknowledging the award, Troy McQuagge said that it as an honor and a privilege to be recognized by the prestigious one award. He dedicated the award to all people connected to the USHEALTH. He said that the award is a sign that the company was on its way to achieving its target and objectives.


Troy McQuagge said that USHEALTH would continue its commitment to offering the best and most affordable healthcare in the United States. The One Planet Award is divided into several categories that include executive teams, corporate communications as well as organizations. The award has other categories that include that of teams, services, and new products. The USHEALTH Group insurance operates from Ft. Worth Texas and is an insurance holding company. The company specializes in offering health coverage to different groups of people that include small business owners and self-employed people. The company achieves this through the use of highly qualified employees and making use of the best technology in the market.


Troy McQuagge has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years. During these years, he has been described as dynamic and self-driven and has been involved in turnarounds, startups and even high growth companies. He has also mastered the art of solving multiple complex issues in the insurance industry. He has world class communication skills and can make tough decisions.


He has also worked with other companies such as the HealthMarket where he was the president of the marketing group. The award that he won included two parts namely the CEO of the year and the company of the year. Troy McQuagge graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Legal Studies.

February 8, 2017
by Administrator

Dick DeVos Now Has A Number To Place On His Charitable Donations

Dick DeVos has now done something that many people have known him not to do over the years. He’s now released a number on the amount that he and his wife Betsy have given to charities over the years. The business-minded couple has spurred local businesses through their investments at their company, The Windquest Group. They’ve given back to their community through charitable foundations including their own, and the beneficiaries have included primarily private and charter schools, but also public schools, universities, and civic centers such as libraries, museums and public services have also received contributions. It’s now been estimated that Dick and Betsy have given around $139 million in their lifetime to these groups.


Dick DeVos’s business resume began at his family company, Amway Corporation. This company was started nearly 60 years ago by his father, Richard DeVos and Dick and his two brothers Daniel and Douglas as well as his sister Cheri have all at one time served at Amway. Amway has not only manufactured and sold products, they’ve allowed them to be resold through independent business owners as part of their multilevel marketing model. Dick DeVos has helped this company grow both as vice president and later CEO, including opening operational headquarters in the Asian, European and Pacific markets. At The Windquest Group, Dick and Betsy have acquired controlling shares in many companies, including a recent addition of Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, MI.


Dick and Betsy are also grassroots activists when it comes to their philanthropy. They’ve worked hard to bring change to Michigan’s education system through supporting private and charter schools and advocating for school of choice. They’ve also setup scholarship programs through funds such as Children First America and Education Freedom Fund. They also took it a step further in 2010 when they opened a charter school at the Gerald R. Ford Airport known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Betsy DeVos was even recently selected by now President Donald Trump to be Secretary of Education.


Dick is also the honorary recipient of the Spectrum Health Foundation’s Art of Giving award which he received for his generosity to local children’s hospitals. He also helped spur development and growth in downtown Grand Rapids through his Grand Action Committee. He ran in the governor’s race of 2006 falling short of election to incumbent Jennifer Granholm. But in 2012 he helped lead an effort to pass a right-to-work law against heavy union leader opposition. In his spare time he likes to fly planes or race in sailing races across Lake Michigan.


January 25, 2017
by Administrator

Danilo Diaz Granados And His Action Packed Event

Danilo Diaz Granados, the joint founder of Toys for Boys recently treated elite guests in Miami with a special event. The event held in Miami featured an array of activities. That includes helicopter rides, fine cuisine, as well as exclusive previews. The guests had a sunset boat ride, bottles of Don Perignon, and spent time at the race track. Regularly, Danilo has held such events since creating Toys for Boys.

While developing the concept of the event, Danilo wanted to offer the guests an outstanding experience. Today, Men in Miami have a place where they can check out and seek the unique products and places. The guests that attended the event were hand selected. They had the privilege of previewing a residential building in the Biscayne area. The property is under construction in an upscale area of Miami. It is one of the highly anticipated residential structures.

Danilo noted that each event is meant to provide the attendees the chance to connect with Miami’s best in terms of art, cuisine, and entertainment. Danilo and his guests late flew to Palm Beach Race Track. Each member had a feel of driving on the race track. Following their return via helicopter, Dom Perignon champagne awaited them. Dom Perignon hosted their lunch at the River Yacht Club. A Dusk boat ride brought the one in a life time experience event to a close.

His event was successful with great support from Van Dutch as well as Technomar. Additionally, One Thousand Museum and Gryphon Racing also sponsored the event. Danilo and his business partners collaborated with premier companies as well as organizations to orchestrate the amazing event.

About Danilo Diaz Granados

Danilo Diaz Granados is a renowned entrepreneur and investment advisor. He works out of Miami, Florida. Danilo started his career in the investment industry after graduating from Babson College. He has an entrepreneurship and economics degree.

Additionally, Danilo is an FCP associate. He works with the organization’s equity investments program. Danilo headed research on how global issues impact on equity investments like energy efficiency, hedge funds, as well as innovative startups. As an entrepreneur, Danilo controls his businesses Toys for Boys and Edge of Glory Films.

January 20, 2017
by Administrator

Vijay Eswaran Built QI Group Into One Of Asia’s Largest Multilevel Marketing Businesses

Vijay Eswaran has been in the direct selling industry for over 20 years and built a company that’s not only generated millions in revenue, but has given back to local Asian communities. Eswaran’s company, QI Group manages several subsidiaries including QNet, an ecommerce outlet that sells items ranging from jewelry products and watches, to personal beauty products, and even electronics and auto repair tools. QI Group also manages several high end properties with luxury hotels and vacation resorts, and also offers loans through its QI Asset Management company. Eswaran started the philanthropic wing of this company, RHYTHM Foundation to support local schools, hospitals and libraries and to help those who have children with disabilities.

Vijay Eswaran took a long journey to the day that he founded QI Group. He is the son of a teacher, and a worker in the Malaysian Ministry of Labor department on weforum.org. His parents were able to send him to school at some prestigious higher learning institutions, including the London School of Economics. But even after graduating from there, Eswaran struggled to find work right away, so he spent about a year harvesting grapes and driving a cab. He eventually was able to go to grad school, completing his certification at London’s CIMA, and then going to Southern Illinois University in the US to get his MBA. Vijay Eswaran worked for several tech companies including IBM and Synaptics, but then decided to return to Malaysia where he became involved with the Cosway Group.

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Eswaran met Joseph Bismarck while working with the Cosway Group, and became interested in the multilevel marketing business model on qbuzz.qnet.net. In 1998, he and Bismarck spun their own company out of this group and it became QI Group. Eswaran helped establish regional offices in Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, but he’s also expanded the company into many other countries across Asia, the Middle East and even Africa. He has spoken at many business forums and universities, and is even the author of several books dealing with business leadership and spirituality. He’s been featured in Forbes Asia both in their Heroes of Philanthropy, and 50 Richest people list. See: http://philanthropies.org/vijay-eswaran-2/

January 12, 2017
by Administrator

Darius Fisher Explains The Importance Of Online Safety

The need for protecting oneself Online has never been as important as it seems to have become in recent years following the security breaches seen at some of the world’s largest Internet based companies. The founder of the Online reputation management company Status Labs has recently taken some time out of his busy schedule to explain how we can all benefit from taking a closer look at our own online presence; the importance of Darius Fisher to the Online world was shown in 2015 when the Vanderbilt University graduate was named to the Innovation 50 that names the top stars of the communications and PR industry.


The work of Online reputation management companies often seems like it is reserved for only the richest and most important people in the world; however, Darius Fisher believes each and every person could benefit from the work of Status Labs as the need for a carefully managed social media and Internet based presence has never been more important. There are many reasons why Darius Fisher believes Status Labs is of great importance, including the fact the majority of employers now examine the social media presence of an individual before offering a position. For business leaders and companies of all sizes the need to make sure their online presence represents their brand in only the best light is highlighted by the fact reviews and comments made via the Internet now help most consumers make decisions about their buying choices.


For Darius Fisher cleaning up an Online presence includes a few simple steps that can be taken at any time and with no cost to an individual. The first step Darius Fisher believes we should all take is to make out social media accounts private to keep ourselves and our family members safe from hackers; secondly, passwords should also be changed on a regular basis as Fisher believes potential hackers can be kept at bay by regular security updates. Darius Fisher (https://angel.co/darius-fisher) believes the online presence of each person should be part of our security responsibilities at all times and remain at the top of our priorities for keeping ourselves safe in our everyday lives.

December 29, 2016
by Administrator

Why Dick DeVos is Committed to Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is a renowned business magnate and philanthropist, who hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan. For years, he has been ranked among the top 50 humanitarians in the United States. Unlike many philanthropists who take part in charity for publicity, Dick does it because he has a steadfast desire to uplift local communities by initiating reforms and projects.

The DeVos family has become particularly known for backing educational reform. Most of the contributions made go to think tanks.

Apart from education reform, Dick DeVos is also committed to arts and culture, community services, and health reform. Most of the initiatives that he supports are based in West Michigan. Mr. DeVos mainly makes donations through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family foundation that he co-founded with his wife Betsy.

Besides making donations, he provides strategic advice to beneficiaries on how to manage the funds prudently. He similarly leverages additional contributions among like-minded philanthropists and businessmen.

Dick’s Business Undertakings

Dick DeVos is an astute entrepreneur and corporate executive. He has played a significant role in the success of notable American corporations. After college, he joined Amway, a multinational founded by his father, Richard DeVos. He worked diligently in various position, rising to the vice presidency within a decade. This position put him at the helm of the firm’s oversees operations. He played his role diligently and helped the company to consolidate its market share.

Dick also served as Amway’s president for a decade. His stint corresponded with great milestones for the company since he established it as the ultimate leader in direct trading. He also served as the president on Orlando Magic, an NBA franchise owned by the DeVos family. Just like his previous position, he helped propel the team to great success. Dick started Windquest group to harness the potential in the energy, manufacturing, and technology industries. This is an investment management company that has diverse interests in the aforementioned sectors. Learn more about Dick DeVos: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2010/09/amway_heir_dick_and_betsy_devo.html

WMAA and Other Interests

Since childhood, Dick was fascinated with aviation. This is what led him to train as a pilot. However, he noticed that most aspiring aviators fail to pursue their dreams due to exorbitant training costs. This is what led to the formation of the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

This is a premier institution, which benefits aspiring pilots from West Michigan and beyond. Besides this, Dick is an ardent sailor, and has won numerous sailing competitions. He also serves on the boards of different organizations including the Grand Action Committee and the Michigan State Board of Education.

December 21, 2016
by Administrator

Securus Technologies Makes The Holidays Better

During the holidays, Securus Technologies makes the inmates feel better, so that they can have some holiday cheer too. They do this by allowing them to have Christmas video visits from their family and loved ones. The videos allow them to see and hear their loved ones during the special day. It creates a better mood in the facility.


They are putting out commercials all month long until the holiday, so that the public understands how important the videos are for public safety. Many people will understand that the video visits save money for the owner of the facility, and for the people that would be visiting the prisoner. It also gives the prisoner a relaxing and joyful time.


Securus Technologies is the leader in its field. They deal with the safety of the public. Since they are experts at both the criminal and civil sides of justice, the government counts on them to make their facilities safer. The company uses videos, interviews and more to make sure that everyone is safe. They deal with over 1,000,000 prisoners every year, and they always complete their mission well. The company, and its workers want the world to be a safer place to live for everyone. They create new and unique technology on a weekly basis to complete their mission. They are in high demand all over the country, and they are also known all over the world. For their abilities, they are respected. For a company that knows what they are doing, their future looks very promising. They will continue to provide companies with the safety measures that they need, and they will succeed at each and every mission that they attempt to do. They are making the world a better place for everyone on a regular basis, and they will continue to keep the lead in their industry for a long time to come.



December 14, 2016
by Administrator

Eric Lefkofsky and His Many Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in America. He is in total co-founders of seven companies. The seven companies are namely Tempus, Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, Uptake and Lightbank. According to Yahoo Finance, he is currently the CEO of Tempus and Chairman of Groupon.


Lefkofsky had an entrepreneurial and business mind since the early start of his career when he sold carpets during his years at the University of Michigan. After he completed his law studies in 1993, Lefkofsky and his friend Brand Keywell bought an apparel company in Madison, Wisconsin by borrowing money from relatives. In 1999 Lefkofsky and Keywell started another business venture when they started Starbelly which dealt with internet promotional products. Starbelly had a booming start and grew exponentially. They sold the flourishing company to Halo Industries after which Lefkofsky joined Halo as the Chief Operating Officer. However, after few years the company became bankrupt.


After the downfall Starbelly, Lefkofsky went on to co-found InnerWorkings in 2001. InnerWorkings is a pure marketing firm which serves about 500 brands belonging to various types of industries. The company has its branches across, North America, South America, Europe and Asia. In 2005, Lefkofsky and Keywell founded the Echo Global Logistics or Echo which offers web-based technology supported transportation and supply chain management services. Echo was successful in attracting a major client New Enterprise Associates which is the large tech investor of the U.S.


In January 2007, Lefkofsky gave about $1,000,000 to Andrew Mason for starting the online e-commerce marketplace ThePoint.com which is now famous as Groupon. The e- commerce marketplace connects its subscribers with the merchants by providing activities, travel and various services all across 28 countries.


Lefkofsky has been involved in millions of dollars of charities for cancer patients. After leaving Groupon, he is now completely focused on building a health tech startup for modernizing and accelerating the cancer cure. The company is helping doctors to make smart and accurate decisions based on analyzing personalized data and genetic codes of the patients using cutting edge sequencing of genomes. Tempus helps in the better analyzing of the genetic code by using statistical analysis to provide more accurate and personalized medication. Currently, Tempus is working with breast, lung and pancreatic cancers with more plans to expand options.


Lefkofsky (http://faculty.chicagobooth.edu/eric.lefkofsky/portfolio.html) is a well-known philanthropist and donated about $1.2 million to University of Michigan for research in cancer, $250,000 to New York’s Weill Corner Medicine, $500,000 to support gastric cancer research at Stanford University.


Lefkofsky also is an excellent teacher and loves teaching in business schools. He taught disruptive business models at De Paul University and Kellogg School of Management. He is also the author of the book “Accelerated Disruption” which deals with disruptive businesses. The book mainly deals with how young, vibrant startups can go downhill because of challenges of fast technology in spite of the brilliant ideas behind them. In the book, he has discussed various potent mantras on how to deal with the fast growing technology in future so that you can keep your company thriving.


Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur who has founded a multitude of companies. He has co-founded companies like Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean, Uptake, InnerWorkings, and Tempus.



He was born and raised in Michigan by his mother, a teacher, and his father, a structural engineer. After high school, he went to college at the University of Michigan, where he graduated with honors in 1991. He went on to receive his Juris Doctor in 1993 from the University of Michigan Law School.



Shortly after graduating, he joined with a friend, Brad Keywell, to being their entrepreneurial journey. With money borrowed from family members, they bought a Wisconsin apparel company named Brandon Apparel. Six years later, the duo founded their very first company, an early Internet company named Starbelly. The company specialized in promotional products and experienced quick growth. Starbelly was sold to Halo Industries just a short year later. Lefkofsky also joined Halo as its Chief Operating Officer.



Lefkofsky went on to found InnerWorkings in 2001. The company provided mid-sized companies with print procurement services and continuously experienced growth. InnerWorkings experienced a very successful public offering in the stock market in 2006. Lefkofsky sat on the board of directors there until 2012.



In 2005, the same duo co-founded Echo Global Logistics, a freight logistics company. They attracted financing from New Enterprise Associates in 2006 and is currently being successfully traded on NASDAQ. In 2006, yet another company was created: MediaBank. This was a media buying company that also attracted financing by New Enterprise Associates. In 2012, MediaBank merged with Donovan Data Systems, in an estimated $1.5 billion deal.



Just a year later, in 2007, he co-founded another company, ThePoint.com. He also provided funding for the company, which was an online collective action website that would become Groupon.com in 2008. In 2009, the company raised $30 million in investment funding and in 2010, Forbes claimed that it was the fastest growing company in history.



In 2010, Lefkofsky and his partner, Keywell, created an even newer adventure, called Lightbank. This was a venture firm that would help develop new companies in the Chicago area. Four years later, Lefkofsky founded Uptake LLC, an analytics company.



In 2016, Lefkofsky took on a new adventure. He co-founded the company, Tempus, where he sits as its CEO. Tempus is a technology company that allows physicians to give cancer patients personalized care by an interactive learning platform. They provide genome sequencing services that empowers doctors to make data-driven decisions.



Aside from his many career-driven ventures, Eric Lefkofsky is also involved in his community and in many philanthropic affairs. In 2006, alongside his wife, he created a charitable trust named the Lefkofsky Foundation. This foundation serves many charitable, scientific, and educational organizations around the globe by helping to fund them.



Lefkofsky sits on the board of directors at many organizations including The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, and the Children’s Memorial Hospital. He is also a board member of World Business Chicago and a Trustee at Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

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December 14, 2016
by Administrator

Billionaire George Soros Looks to Talk Strategy With Democrats

Shortly after the most recent presidential election, billionaire investor and donor George Soros looked to talk to Democrats about their new political strategy . Since the defeat of Hillary Clinton was quite shocking, Democrats have looked to find ways to regroup for the next four years. They lost both the House and Senate as well and therefore, will look to find ways to get power by the mid term elections of 2018. Soros met with union leaders as well a number of top Democrat politicians to discuss the pending agenda. The Democrats will look to accomplish a number of things such as protecting Obamacare, appointing a new leader, invest in more aggressive campaigns in conservative states and also oppose the policies suggested by president elect Donald Trump.

The first issue that George Soros discussed with Democrats is the policies suggested by Donald Trump. Many Democrats disagree with many of the policies that Trump wants to adopt. As a result, they will look to aggressively challenge his policies and look for ways to ensure that the United States continues to set progressive policies over the next four years. Soros’ meeting with Democrats and liberals was very productive as they will look to make sure that the United States does not enforce any policies that may give the nation a negative reputation throughout the world.

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After the election was completed, the Democrats and George Soros believed that Obamacare was in serious jeopardy. Conservative Republicans have frequently stated that they are looking to repeal Obamacare. President elect Donald Trump has also made it well known that he believes that the policy should be eliminated immediately. Since Obamacare was a vital first step in providing all Americans with medical coverage, they will fight very hard to preserve it. By keeping Obamacare intact, the Democrats will be able to take a vital first step in fulfilling their progressive agenda.

Another thing that the Democrats looked to achieve is appointing someone to lead the Democratic National Committee. Their top choice is Keith Ellison who is currently a senator representing the state of Minnesota. With his appointment, the Democrats will be able to more successfully push their policies as well as nominate other leaders for top positions in the party. Nominating Ellison will provide the Democrat party with a powerful voice that will hopefully challenge the Republicans on their policies. With his leadership, the Democrats will be in great position to adopt progressive policies that will provide more equality and prosperity for the United States in the coming years.

One of the things that the Democrat party concluded on was to address the demographics of their voters. During the most recent election, Hillary Clinton lost due to a number of working class voters choosing Donald Trump. As a result, the Democrats realize that they will need to appeal more to these particular voters. In order to achieve this objective, the Democrats and George Soros will look to provide more donations and campaign funds. They will provide this funding to the political leaders who represent the Democrat Party.

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