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Adam Milstein Earns Recognition For His Persuasive Facebook Posts Earned Him

Adam Milstein earned a well-deserved place on the 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders in the World list, which recognizes individuals who make the world a better place by his persuasive Facebook posts and tweets. Other prominent individuals who made the list include Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Warren Buffet. A press release quoted Milstein as saying “My philanthropic work in one of the most important and gratifying parts of my life.” This shows in his efforts to highlight the work of various organizations and speak out against anti-Semitism through social media platforms and through articles and opinion pieces that Milstein pens for major media outlets.

In addition to his noteworthy philanthropy work Milstein serves as Hager Pacific Properties’ managing partner, where he directs the company’s financing and property management for a nearly $2 billion portfolio of properties.

Since 2000, Milstein and his wife Gila administer The Milstein Family Foundation, which champions a number of organizations that support the Jewish people and advocate for the State of Israel. The foundations focus is on installing pride in Israeli-American students, who will become a pro-Israeli voice on their campuses.

Despite his charitable work through his family foundation, Milstein is known primarily in his role as chairperson of the board of the Israeli-American Council (IAC), which is concerned with America’s foreign policy relating to Israel. A native of Israel,Adam Milstein considers himself an Israeli-American, a member of a community of more than 500,000 individuals that the IAC wants to engage in activism and community involvement.



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