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Greg Aziz, The Man Behind National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a company that has built a great reputation in the railroad freight car engineering business. In fact, it is recognized in North America as the leading manufacturing company in the industry. The company, which has its headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, has performed so well under the leadership of a man by the name Greg Aziz. Apart from being the CEO of the company, Greg James Aziz is also the chairman and president of National Steel Car. Together with other great minds, Greg has managed to oversee great innovations and manufacturing designs of tank cars and railway freight.


Greg Aziz went to the Western University, where he studied Economics. With the knowledge that he gathered there, he made huge strides in his life which landed him at the top of the National Steel Company. He has now been serving as the CEO for 23 years since he stepped into the position in 1994. Due to his excellent leadership qualities, he has inspired over two thousand employees at the company into making the firm a force to reckon with in railway freight manufacturing business. For the last one hundred years, customers have been comfortable purchasing from the company and the customer base has even increased with Greg stepping into the scene. Get More Info Here.


National Steel Company believes in the production of quality material that is bound to last and when the regulations authority in North America called for the manufacture of strong and safe rail tanks to facilitate the transport of flammable items, the company was in full support of the idea. Gregory J Aziz has guided the company into major achievements over the years with the cultivated mentality that those working in the company should always strive to raise the bar. This mindset helps the company to maintain efficiency and purpose towards the creation of products that will satisfy the customer.



TTX SECO has honored the company with several awards over the years as a sign of appreciation for the good work. Tomasz Bis, a member of the National Steel Company management team received the Outstanding Technical Achievement Award in January last year. He was keen to mention the contribution of James Aziz towards his victory. National Steel Company shows no signs of stopping its good record and with the leadership of Greg Aziz, it is likely that the company will continue to thrive in the production of quality railroad freight cars.


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