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Gregory Aziz- A Man of Steel

Gregory James Aziz is a household name in Hamilton Ontario, a man known for his tremendous contribution to the National Steel Car. He holds the highest position in the company and has the overall mandate to move the company to lofty heights of success and growth. Nation Steel Car deals with engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars using the latest innovations and technology. The company under the aggressive and competent leadership of Gregory J Aziz, has managed to acquire global recognition.


Born in Ontario, London County in 1949 Greg James Aziz attended Ridley College and later Western Ontario University and graduated with economics first class. His first venture into the business world was at his family business in 1971 that dealt with commercial food, the Affiliated Foods. Greg Aziz used his business skills and economic education to move the company to higher growth, and within two decades the family business becomes the leading importer of various fresh foods internationally. Gregory J Aziz decided to venture into a new career in a different county, and that’s when he went to New York and worked at various investment banks. During his tenure in a specific investment bank, Greg Aziz managed to buy National Steel Car from its owners the Dofasco in 1994. He had a tremendous vision and mission for the fading National Steel Car and through numerous investments in the latest machinery, trained workforce and expanded the working area, Greg Aziz managed to grow the company to new heights of success.


James Aziz combined his entrepreneur passion, education skills and investment background to move the company production units to a new level of more than 12,000 freights cars. Additionally, he believes that his human resources are what have built the company and emphases on training his employee on the latest engineering technology and innovations. He took over the business when it has only 600 employees and through close working relation and high level of respect the company has around 3000 permanent workers in various departments.

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Greg Aziz is a public philanthropy to the Hamilton community and the nation at large. He is well known to sponsor numerous activities in Hamilton that cater for the welfare of the city and for his employee he assures they share a meal by organizing for Christmas party. His love for agriculture has seen Greg Aziz and his wife Irene and Children sponsor major agricultural fairs. Gregory J Aziz is a lover of horses, and he plays a big part on horse shows in Canada.

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