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GreenSKY Focuses on Shielding the Vulnerable Market from Infiltration by Established Lenders

  • Introduction

GreenSKY credit lenders is a financial technology organization that acts as the middlemen between potential borrowers and potential lenders. The organization has developed a credit platform, through a mobile application, where customers get products and services which are facilitated by the lending institutions. GreenSky Credit has a good rapport with the lending institutions, banks, and the product or service providers such as Home Depot and other healthcare service providers in the industry. The excellent relationship that the company has formulated has helped it to remain competitive in an industry that is prone to competition from other organizations.

  • Business Model

GreenSky Credit has a specific model that has not been tried by other lenders in the industry. The company does not have its own money to lend, but it places all the risks in other financial institutions that lend on its behalf. Despite the company using funds from other lenders, GreenSky Credit has been able to maintain growth for a more significant period and is looking for a situation where it will be able to outdo other lenders in the industry such as The Lending Club and Social Finance.

  • The Future of the Company

There is hope that the organization will continue to dominate the market in the foreseeable future. However, the firm cannot relax and assume that competition will not emerge shortly which would threaten the future of the company. There is fear that established organizations such as Visa and MasterCard could replicate this model and push the business out of the industry. However, the company is leveraging the fact that it has been there for a more extended period and it has already built a relationship with borrowers and lenders alike.

In matters concerning the growth of finances, GreenSky Credit is the lending financial intermediary in the industry and has since surpassed traditional intermediaries such as OnDeck and Lending Club. Reports coming from the company indicate that it is looking forward to selling its shares in the stock market for about $23 for each share. Given that the entity has more than 38 million shares to sell, it is estimated that the financial technology organization will be able to attract enough finances to continue with its expansion.


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