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Cell Phone Jamming Needed In US Prisons

Every day in American prisons, prisoners are smuggling fully functioning cellphones into the jails. These phones can be used for a variety of crimes such as fraud or ordering hits. Gang leaders may be able to run their empire from a tiny smuggled cellphone from jail. Data from cellphones also allow prisoners to access the Internet and deploy online scams.


A murder plot against a prison guard was recently foiled in South Carolina. Not surprisingly, the inmate was able to make his plans using an illegally smuggled cellphone. It is no surprise that inmates in many prisons are out of control and prisons need a method to combat illegal cellphones.


Securus Technologies has developed a method to control cellphone usage within prisons. The system is much more complex than a typical signal jamming system. Their product is named the Managed Access Solution. They will create private cellphone network within the prison and control all of the phones used in the area. This will allow them to block unauthorized cellphone usage in the area. This technology is compatible with all existing cellular technology being used in the United States.


Managed Access Solutions was approved by the FCC and it is already being deployed and tested. Three prisons in the United States are already using this new solution. One prison facility reported that they were able to intercept 35,000 unauthorized communications within the first month of deployment. They were also able to track down the cellphone smugglers and helped them understand smuggling methods.


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