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Duda Melzer’s Role In The Digital Niche Of Brazil

In 2012, Duda Melzer, officially known as Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, accepted an appointment as the executive vice president of the RBS Group. He received the appointment as an honor from his uncle Nelson Sirotsky, who commented that he was confident with Duda’s expertise. The RBS Group is a family-owned business that was initiated by Duda’s grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky. During Duda Melzer’s acceptance speech, he revealed that he was constantly enthralled by the company’s role in society and the exceptional staff who maintained high productivity with unbeatable passion.

Before his appointment as vice president, Duda served as the RBS executive for almost a decade since his appointment in 2004. His roles included serving as the director of the national market and the vice president of business and market development. He watched his family run the business from an early age and grew to love the impact it had on the society. Eduardo’s appointment into the new post was in anticipation of enhancing RBS’s influence in Santa Catarina, and the Rio Grande do Sul. Eduardo was set to focus his experience and skills in the creation of media communication platforms in newspaper, TV, and radio and the development of business education. Duda acknowledged his uncle’s past work ethic and performance in the post and stated that his support would be paramount to the mission of the RBS Group. Nelson Sirotsky joined the firm’s board of directors and confirmed that he would continue inputting exceptional insights in the firm.

Eduardo is a Brazilian media icon who began e.Bricks, an investment firm with assets in the digital industry. He is enlisted in the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise Leadership List. In 2015, he earned the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst and Young for his performance at the RBS Group. Duda received his MBA from Harvard and has experience in executing financial roles and serving as a leader.

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