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David Gierzt; An Exemplary Financial Advisor

Owing to 3 decades of experience in financial institutions, David Gierzt has risen in ranks and has been rated as one of the few five-star financial advisors. Dave, as he is commonly known, is currently based in Dublin, Ohio.


Through 2004 to 2013, David Giertz has been in the managerial position of the distribution and sales department of Nationwide Life Insurance Company.

David Giertz excelled in four financial advisor certification exams, and he is currently the president of Nationwide Investment Services. David has also been recently registered as a broker with FINRA, which serves as a regulatory body for brokers in the financial industry.

David Gierzt Interview

David began by explaining why financial advisors on Facebook are not engaging their clients in matters social security despite the fact that it is highly beneficial to them. He stated that results of a survey conducted by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute indicated that people who are already retired, and those who were almost retiring, are getting no information on social security.

David further continued to reveal that another survey showed that every four out of five people in this group would opt to change to advisors who will educate them on social security. He encouraged that once one understands and gains confidence of the extensive rules on the social security handbook, the complex topic will be easy to approach.

As a financial advisor, David Gierzt reiterated the importance of social security education to his fellow advisers on Finra. A majority of individuals in retirement are misinformed and end up taking social security too early in life. Dave pointed out that a survey showed that this resulted in losing out on up to USD300,000 over 25 years.

David Gierzt concluded by saying that it is integral for a financial advisor to provide social media information to their clients, not only for retention purposes but also so that the client may fully optimize their retirement income.

Learn more about David Giertz at http://www.wsj.com/video/speak-to-your-clients-about-social-security/8B2F5FA4-B0E8-4D71-A1E3-D29AA2711CC5.html

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